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This is not a goodbye forever


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I've been thinking about this for a while.. and now i've decided. I will promote myself to a member.
As the topic says, this is not a goodbye, but i will be leaving from the team.

I haven't been active lately as you have seen. I've just been working a lot and i haven't had the motivation to get up after getting home to play CS. I've been playing other new games to keep me sane. 

I have to say, it's been a blast being
Head Admin. I never thought i could actually achieve higher than Server Admin. I had my goal to get atleast Server Manager, but i'm happy with HA.

I will not QUIT! I will continue playing CS 1.6, but not as actively. Maybe once a week, maybe even less. 
I will visit the discord more frequently though. So you can chat with me there or maybe on Steam, if we are friends.
I still play other games, like League of Legends, Left 4 dead 2 & Terraria. So we can always have a lil game aswell.


I've played CS 1.6 for over 13 years. I was 9 when i discovered CS. I learnt 90% of my english from there.
I joined at the end of 2019, found the server and just fell in love with the ZP all over again. I really thought the game was dead. I was wrong.

i'm happy, that i got to be a part of the team. I'm sad, that so many decided to leave for another place, which we will not discuss about.

I want to especially thank certain players, who i will now tag here below.

@Phoenix - i hate you so much, but u like the coolest guy ever. I don't even know, how we got to be as friends, but you da homie! Thanks for helping out with server related shit.
@Elor- Thanks dude, for promoting me to admin and do what you do best. Play with 400 fps.

@Wolfbeard san& @Papi- I would describe u two as a perfect gay couple. I'm so amazed, that wolf reached to Co-owner. i still remember, when we were the same ranks fighting for the top 1 spot in gameme. And Nasty? He's an Ozzie. Great mate. Thanks both of u for being such great lads.

@huddy- You will be forever a rat, rugrat. He teached me how to get banned overnight. It was a "CraZe" story. (Bad pun). You gave me the N-word pass, so here i go ...... negative. See you around, busta, straight busta.

@momo- Craig the motherfucking Jones. I always feared you. You emit a dark force unknown to any living creature in this vast universe. It's as you're radiactive. 

@AirStriker- Great owner. Have had a lot of chats with you. Got to play with you a few times, but thats all. Take care of this family. 

@Vo1D- Yru'oe gaey. Imagine having Right Dick rank c2253ffd88e1c013a3927ab1bb361f19.png

@SaKRaN,@kek& @KetShed- Mad lads, have enjoyed every single moment with y'all. Great admins.

@Skully- One of the greatest staff members. Learn englando my buddo. :D Big love!

@EleNa- You're the one. You never showed me your watermelons though. And i'm not talking about boobs. Huge love to you!

I know she'll probably never see this but.. @Noria- Thanks for being so so supportive. You helped me out alot. Miss you! - Your dear Ricardo Milos.

I will count other names here without tagging them, so if u don't see yours, tough shit. (it will be in alphabetical order so it'll be easier)

Adam, Amine, Armando, Doraemon, Fireboy, Katana, Kraken, Kuroku, Laithbobo, Manub, Pew Pew, Slow, The Grim Knight, Valk, Zakria & Zenno
(I've atleast spoken multiple times with you, and have played aswell. I know i will be missing few names for sure, but it is what it is.)

And i want to thank all of the Staff team, who are keeping the servers safe from rule breakers and keeping the servers enjoyable.
Big love to you everyone!

Best regards,

The best ZP player ever from Estonia


@Owner @Co-Owner @R&D @General Staff @Staff @Demo Reviewer @Server Manager @Trial Demo Reviewer @Head Admin @Server Admin @ Veteran @ Members @lfZpEDP.gifDonator

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 Its sad to Read a post like this Bro i Dont know you well, but i remember you years ago and you were such a positiv guy, hope you come back to our team 1 day, i wish you all the best bro, dont forget us.


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  • Proskater changed the title to This is not a goodbye forever

My dear @Proskater, I met you in zp a long time ago that I do not even remember the date and you always say hello, I hate to say goodbye, I want you to know that I love you I will always be your friend. I'm sorry that the people I grew up with are leaving, but isn't that what we are? Lost souls


Never forget you

Take CAre bro <3  


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Guest Amenadiel

-If I will see you on the ZE ... Will BAN YOU straight AHEAD.

-Anyhow, I can understand I am still new here :D So, yeah, but... This still looks like a ducking goodbye message bruhhhaha- no.


-Wish more time to play with you, I was and I will still remain as a hesitating bitsh lmao, anyways, come back as soon as possible my fav ricardo!


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I remember all the fun times we had. When I won your giveaway by having the only valid submission, when you told me they gave you permanent vip for no reason, and then they made you an admin for no reason, and then they gave you head admin for no reason LMAO.


You're here for no reason, but you are the reason a lot of us had fun while playing, especially me.


I'll miss you Pro, I wish you the best of luck whatever the fuck you're doing lol.


PS: Hit me up so we can play other games.


Your friend, Rug.

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Zombie Plague:


Image result for pain naruto gifs

“Those Who Do Not Understand True Pain Can Never Understand True Peace.”

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It is sad watching you leave,even worse knowing that it will come sooner or later.You have been a great friend accompaning me along our time in LS,giving us all such great memories of your personality.We have beeen through enough highs and lows together,that makes it so hard to say goodbye(even though just for now).Best of luck,mate,and remember:

Look into the night sky,and if you're lucky,I'll look back(on some skycrapper's top wearing some bloody bat costumes)

Thank you and take care.

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cause i'm batman discovered by alltimefallout

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I will miss calling you mr.prostate, but I know this decision is for the best and I support you. When I first started playing I looked up to your skills and now I can smoke you anyday. Jk nothing but love for you man. 

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Hey @Proskater, I'm going to miss you my friend, We known each other for a really long time and Its going to be sad to see you leave for a while I loved that you always join ZP and having fun and making sure the server is nice and clean, Thats one of the good things you did as an admin and you are a great admin one of the best admin I ever meet for a long period's of time, Ofc Well keep in touch XD, PS: Good Luck on what your doing, You need all the luck you can get and have fun on you're  adventure.

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