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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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" ❥?????? "
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    EleNa last won the day on January 17

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    • Birthday 06/12/1997

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      EleNa - Cs , TR, L4D2, WOW and GTA gamer
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      Flight attendant
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      Gaming, Sleeping, playing piano n guitar like bots lol

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    1. How beatiful you look, with that red color♥



      1. Gmx




      2. L S alejandro

        L S alejandro

        xd owner nice elene :D

    2. Hello Elena, how are you, open Christmas event, let me know, please, kisses


      1. Valk


        I ship u both

    3. I miss seeing you in zp


      1. EleNa


        I will be there . just busy with life 

      2. Angel


        Yes I know, I'II be waiting for you


    4. elena marry me and i take care of the dishes pleaseee accept
      i'll not ask for kisses 

      jk don't take it srs bishes :)

    5. Elena this comes to me with all my heart I love you I want you to be my girlfriend just I do not want to be like an angel I think you give her kiss no no I just want to be you and I will always be happy
      1. Show previous comments  50 more
      2. SaKRaN



      3. Timo xley
      4. Wolfbeard


        wheres the smex mod? :( Still waiting for it :(

    6. Hello honey can I give you kisses?


      1. Show previous comments  1 more
      2. EleNa


        we don't give kisses here, there is a pandemic here

      3. Angel
      4. kevincr


        Lol elena f Angel sorry

    7. i hope that on february 30 you look as beautiful as ever:9476_christianbale:

      1. Show previous comments  3 more
      2. Angel


        on the honeymoon, l'll take you to Mc Donal's or Burger King, you choose honey♥

      3. kevincr
      4. kevincr
    8. Hi Elena, how are you? I love you, hoiste :) You are a good person
      1. Show previous comments  1 more
      2. kevincr
      3. SaKRaN


        oooo kenvincr <3 Elena.

        You r good Couples :)

      4. kevincr


        xd :D ELENA BB 

    9. Hi bro wassup xd

      1. EleNa


        hi sis xD


    10. Rule 15 has been added . @Donator
    11. Update : (Requested by @Asterix) 13. Name changing. These Ranks are no more allowed to change their in game/forums name : @Trial Admin @Server Admin @Head Admin @Trial Demo Reviewer @Demo Reviewer @Server Manager @Staff @General Staff @R&D @Co-Owner
    12. Adam

      Happy birthday!

      It's your day. 

      1. EleNa


        it is myyyyyy daaayyyy !


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