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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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" DD2 Server Admin "
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    1. Well , tbh i didn't get any offend , but idk what about else, and all good , just let's see why manub banned you.
    2. Hey, let's just wait what @ManubWell say. but i just wanna Say something, that before you get ban , before like a few weeks you were acting so weird! acting like "kid" i don't know what's wrong with you , but after you made a topic that you wanna leave Admin Team , you started acting weird with me and same as for other Admins , they got annoyed cause of you, so i just wanna hear from you, why would you act like this.
    3. @FrozeNAs they said , The important Thing You Should Do is remove Guard Access from Everyone. There's alot of kids join in Guard's Team, The don't have mic, don't have any idea about Jailbreak, they just join Randoms, And keep abusing. I know that we have access to ban, but there's not admins 24/7 Activity In Jb, i'm trying to do my Best to join all the Servers and make them clean. That's why Sometimes JB are Dead, cause of Freekilling , abusing as Guard (CT team). we should do like Playing 30-40Hours, of Jailbreak , then you can get Access for Guard.
    4. wowww so funny omgggg

    5. congratz nub 

    6. give me owner pls ademnnn

    7. Eid Mubark

      1. FrozeN


        Eid mubarak to all my muslims <333

      2. SaKRaN


        all the love gay <3

    8. also you'll have the full access of the account, gl all the best.
    9. Hey, i'm doing giveaway for cs 1.6 steam, if you would like to win the steam you can join the event, by joining our discord server : https://discord.gg/qcajzBWz how to join the giveaway? 1- join our discord server. 2- verify your discord. 3-after you verify you'll be seen a room called "Giveaways" after you join that room. 4- you need to click on the Emoji that's all.
    10. Hey, if you need any help No body care.

      1. FrozeN


        Thanks dude. I need help tho

    11. I do not respect those who are older than me. I respect the respecter...

      1. Noria


        I also think often. why respect the grandmother who only curses and beats? ha ha!

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