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  1. I see u bought basic admin for 4.99 and vip is 9.99$ nice try to scam not changing anything for u
  2. I like the map looks really good but just 2 things make map litle more lighter just litle snd name map as LS-Allien or bla bla i mean if u made this map for LS u got to put LS tags on
  3. 150 what i dont understand
  4. Setting up vpn blocker in ctf now dw he will be gone
  5. Nvm i see it this dumb got reported lol
  6. Thats a zombie class that they made it retards i will see if we can convert it into game mode
  7. He bought gold admin for dd2 not vip
  8. Oh ok then tell him not to lose the code and not to give it to no 1 and he has to use that code every time he goes in server and he shouldnt change his name after he activated the code if he changes his name code wont work
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