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  1. Thats a zombie class that they made it retards i will see if we can convert it into game mode
  2. He bought gold admin for dd2 not vip
  3. Oh ok then tell him not to lose the code and not to give it to no 1 and he has to use that code every time he goes in server and he shouldnt change his name after he activated the code if he changes his name code wont work
  4. U should of goten redeem code and with that code u activate what ever u bought if u didnt read TOS go refund ur money im not bothering my self to get u code and shit i dont have time for these i made the shop automatic with redeem code for a reasone go refund and read all requirements and what exacly u have to do
  5. Merry christmas and this vid lol funny as fuk 🤣
  6. Aight ye i solved the redeem code problem disabled stolen 1 and gave him new code
  7. Tank should be perm banned u cant steal some 1ns code like that
  8. Spawn u been making ur own rules to much and u been getting reported to me personaly to much ur no more booster and ur money wont work in LS anymore
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