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  1. We need to finish up current 1ns so we can start others
  2. Hades i will give u the server in bout 2 hrs or so for give me lil time 👍🏻
  3. fucking dumb ass says owner cant test it cuz server is full omg what it has to do with server beying full da fuk u on dude lol and thats a layer 7 u cant att game servers with layer 7 lol only websites and 35 euros 300 att limit pufff lol i wish u good luck and btw who ever seling that shit is a scammer lol botnets goes by hit by how much ks per hit lol doesnt go by bots lol seying that shit first time lol says 15000 bots lol man fucking retards these days every 1 thinks they r fucking hacker i swear like legit lol
  4. Trys to say my team sux cuz he couldnt get dr 😒 bruh
  5. I would like to announce that we got new co owner now its jining i would like to thank him for his hard work in our community and he really diserves the rank he been doing almost every other high ranks job day and night some of our high ranks has irl problems so they inactive for now for bit time but jining been taking care of alot of things such as working on our protections for our servers and more and he still working on them atm also. 👍🏻
  6. We have a rule already saying they try to bug something out they can get perm bann after 1 warning
  7. AirStriker


    We r not nubs that make report in alliedmodees or we r not nubs like zod we are LOST SOULS!!!!
  8. friend @AirStriker sorry for the inconvenience you have taken into account my request I am waiting for your answer


  9. @AirStriker,  

    Your SteamID: 'VALVE_5:0:1250092270' 

    I'm -LS- hebert XD sucks her .i. An error occurred I am banned from using speed but that never happened I have never used such a thing please I would like to raise the ban This was the admin who banned me Ls | / 2espect_lawyer - [Dabs]

     -LS- hebert XD chupala   .i. 

    Ls | /2espect_lawyer -[Dabs]-. 


  10. This is really good map if it doesnt kill fps we will 100% use it goodjob on it
  11. Welcome and nice to have u here enjoy ur stay 👍🏻
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