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  1. What i meant by extra item, was i.e you get a free gun automatically placed in ur inventory every round. Like Fire M4 or a Balrog. Would that still be too much? But if it's too much work, then i'll accept that.
  2. Not sure if anyone has suggested it before, but... Whenever you reach level 30, that's it. You get your AP and then thats it. From then, you just only get xp. But what if I introdouce the system What does it do? Glad you asked. (You probably didn't ask lol) Once you get lvl 30, you unlock the command /prestige. Once you have prestiged, you should be lvl 1 again with 0 xp and 1-2 prestige points. Shop should include bonuses that you'd want. Can only choose 1-2 (depends how many points are implemented to get from a prestige) Damage, AP boost from infecting/hitting/killing a zombie or human, AP boost from getting a level, Health boost (zombie), 15-20 armour (per round - human), Maybe something for free for a human or zombie (i.e a free weapon / 1 extra zombie plague). (THIS LIST IS JUST AN EXAMPLE) Maybe something else? People can always suggest. Oh yes, maybe add a prestige name aswell after a players name? in example: -L|S- Proskater [Thebestzombieplayer] Or [Prestige 1]. Something like that. Feel free to give your suggestions, and please let's keep atleast this topic alive. Most suggestions die after 30 seconds of creation. :~) @ Co-Owner @ General Staff @ Head Admin @ Owner @ Server Admin @ Server Manager @ Trial Admin @R&D @ Members
  3. 99% of the video is u gstrafing and parachute airstrafes 🅱️𝙧𝙪𝙝 Gz on ur subscribers! Start a "lets play" series Maybe 1-30 lvl playthrough
  4. This mod would be alright Without: Insta kill, Getting xp from kills, Zm shop & vipmenu. With: Less hp on Thanos Mind stone with an effect related to being sane (maybe make the player spin alot), Reality stone with an effect making the player float in 1 spot Soul stone with an effect making the player deal damage (like fire effect) and have vision problems Power stone with an effect like a shockwave torwards one direction (like a kamehameha from dragon ball :D) maybe some other things too, always up for helping to test it with others. seems like a fun mod
  5. This is more of a dance video Original song: DaBaby - Bop BTW, nastiest "Woah" ever 0:15
  6. To re-enter password in console: setinfo _pw password
  7. @ -L|S- Doubts "Try being simon, you'll do good!"
    *dies 10 seconds later*

    1. -L|S- Doubts

      -L|S- Doubts

      hahaha, nah you did good for your first time, lmao

  8. i was 600 - 0, but then people noticed, that i had a good spot and decided to "teamwork" with me, "block" me. Could've gotten 800, but messed up by going to another spot, where people bugged me out. is 1000 score possible? has it been seen?
  9. (Sorry, if this thread was already made somewhere) Tell me peeps, what's your highest score, that you've gotten during the whole map Post your pictures here WInner gets maybe a high-five or something
  10. NB! Read this first I started recording after i had entered my code, i messed it up first and it takes some time to load it after a map changes. I even checked the score in the beginning to show proof. It was for a mere second but still. First death - i was 1st/2nd zombie. That doesn't count Second death - Nightmare mode, doesn't count either. https://www.mediafire.com/file/y39oju4ksx7ktvn/attempt2.dem/file Not a single zombie killed me. Not a single time i got inf bombed either.
  11. Rules & Exceptions : 2- Members have to record a Demo by the start of the Map until it's End, they have to camp (Putting SandBags and buying Extra Items) Yes you can
  12. Easy, let me get my hands warm and take that 100k
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