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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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  1. UPDATE: Event has been once again extended due to recent DDOS attacks and overall chaos. Just be patient.
  2. EDIT: The competition is now avaliable for VIP players. (please VIP's read rules!) The prizes have been raised As for @Rugrat, you get another chance to resubmit, due to extending the competition by 4 days. You can keep it if you want, let me know either here or message me in Steam.
  3. It was on purpose. You cannot simply just out-do that kind of art. Picasso rated it 8/8 m9-3+2
  4. Image by me Kekw Are you interested in getting some free AP for just playing? You aren't? That's sad But if you are, then i want (that's you) to go online, and start grinding. What to do? You have to get as many kills as possible as being human. Only kills, nothing else. NOTE: *Your own deaths do not count. *RC Car kills do not count *Zombie kills do not count. That includes infecting anyone. (Even if you kill the last human or kill someone in a mode like plague/cannibal/nemesis ect..) *Only regular round kills count, mode kills do n
  5. Updated weapon and grenade binds. Whenever you guys find a developer, maybe they'd change, if you bought something from the extra item menu, it will go back to first page, after revisiting it again. Then those binds would work perfectly. @Owner @Server Manager @Co-Owner @General Staff
  6. Lasermine Bind z "say /lm" (So you could buy it faster) Bind t +setlaser (So you could place it manually without opening another interface) Bind j +dellaser (So you could remove it manually without opening another interface) Sandbag Bind x "say /sb" SPEEDY BOY CAR Bind f "say /rc" FOR FREE AP EVERY MAP Bind v "say /get" FOR VIPS Bind c "say /vipmenu" NOTE: You have to type using " " and including the word SAY because otherwise it wouldn't bind it. Example -----> WRONGCORRECT ------------------------------
  7. From personal experience, i'd suggest re-installing windows (wiping all files) every 6-12 months. Pros: *If you had anything malicious i.e bitcoin miners, bloatware or any other malware, you'll get rid of it 99.9% of the time. These slow a computer down ALOT. (Sometimes you might have to do a complete wipe since bitcoin miners are getting more complicated) *More space to do stuff and it's all clean. Cons: * If you have important stuff, then u might have to paste them to your external drive (USB or separate hard drive/SSD * Have to reinstall all the programs/games ect
  8. @ rOha  Has the big gae

    1. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Can you give me too ?

  9. @ -L|S- Doubts "Try being simon, you'll do good!"
    *dies 10 seconds later*

    1. FrozeN


      hahaha, nah you did good for your first time, lmao

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