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Welcome to Lost Souls | Best CS 1.6 servers | Counter Strike 1.6 Servers, firstly we recommend you to register in our forums so you get more features in Servers & Forum.

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  3. Closed and IP banned.
  4. I already took the corresponding actions, He was banned. I have a demo too 😄 thanks averchety
  5. Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker: Mojacko Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID: VALVE_5:0:1716018464 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?: Zombie Plague Description of hack or rule being broke: Speed Hack Proof/demo of the offense being made: https://dox.abv.bg/download?id=f783b8d4c3
  6. So beautifull my boy ❤️ send me pm 

  7. @kaptin1 yes, you can. But first, you have to be a member. Here you must post an app: https://lsgamerz.net/forum/14-clan-member-application/ Just follow the member application form.
  8. can i join play to win prize ?
  9. Woww man congrats, keep up the good work
  10. congratulations my love ❤️
  11. Congraz bruh,, next week you will be Owner xd
  12. no entendí bro hablame español xfa
  13. only you can use 1 of that photo for claim your reward
  14. Sin duda tienes mis respetos. Sos y siempre seras mi idolo crack, Gracias por todo! 

  15. Last week
  16. I forgot this thread, so.. if you dont have ss we cant give your ammo. Sorry Closed.
  17. @Nightbot @Lenda unfortunately I don't have the screenshots that show my old a.p, since some things were lost on my old device, including this one, if you can't give me my a.p, I understand. If something can still be done, I hope they tell me, but I don't mind starting from 0. P.D: sorry for the delay, I could not answer because I was very busy with something very important in a travel, I wait for your answers
  18. @MoChakis congratulations Bro ❤️ ❤️
  19. Updated ! Welcome @MoChakis to the Demo-Reviewers Team .
  20. I would like to announce that we are promoting @MoChakis to the Demo-Reviewers team , He has been working hardly lately and been so active which made him deserve this Promotion . Well Deserved , Expecting a lot from you . Staff Management .
  21. Your name: Tavo In-game name: VERGA DE CUY STEAM/Valve-ID: VALVE_5:0:1083879214 Current AP?: 580
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