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  2. Please report any loading bugs here. These errors may involve model enforcement and map differentiation.
  3. Dissension


    Demo is DIRTY. The player who reports, when he is not moving, has 100 fps and when he starts moving the fps it increases radically until 250/400 fps then he returns to 100, then he did perfect sgs with the W in the min 17:16 until 17:21 that shows that has scripts. Ty for the report. was banned yesterday Banned by: -L|S- ArSyzt [Ge.Plyr] Warning: Bhop Script/Autobhop 1 Week BANNED CLOSED/MOVED
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    1. Motasem Sahle
    2. Motasem Sahle

      Motasem Sahle

      Heyy you have stolen my song loll 

      Have fun

    3. Izy Jones
  6. forgot to add Rock Guitar to Non Expired Weapons Disallow Infection Bomb on last players or disallow it on the last minute.
  7. here is the list of suggestions i made which can make Zombie Plague more Enjoyable to everyone. Non Expired Weapons (Lasts more than one single round, untill the survivor gets infected) - Balrog Ethereal - AKM 12 - Sawn-Off Shotgun - Violingun Allowing Weapons to remain on the ground (Example: you pick them again after antidote) Climber zombie should immidiately stop climbing when he gets shot (300 damage) Add "No Recoil" option to items ( 15 Ammo packs) Add a skin to Survivor's Ak-47 Add a mode on the first and the last round. (Optional) Add Assasins vs Snipers Mod
  8. Lenda

    Volt Annoying

    Volt was clear on why he demoted you, good luck in the next admin application. Thread is closed.
  9. already banned thank you for reporting though :D Closed
  10. He is banned ingame alerdy,btw ty for report ❤️ Closed/moved
  11. Member Name: R3DLol!Pop Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker: KurdistanZE Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID: VALVE_5:0:208630912 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?: Zombie Plague Description of hack or rule being broke: Speedhack/Aimbot Proof/demo of the offense being made: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sjrd5o6k5mzztan/Kurdistan1.dem/file Additional details needed for our DR team to review:
  12. your vip should be set up.
  13. Last week
  14. mullerbr  ܟ


    PAYMENT METHOD:PayPal Transaction ID : 72S60884XU452512N "ChaosSolideR ' " Vale ID: 5:0:1028218211
  15. [J]

    Volt Annoying

    You let your sewing be seen when you say words like "I'm more than you here, do not post nonsense" you comment negative in my application, Do you think that you offend me? there is a life beyond the game to be arguing for a "name" (the whim that bothers you my presence) I remember that you also spoke to me rude because I spoke in Spanish to several Latinos friends for "chat admin", if a person he does not understand English, so that he understands I speak to him in his natural language all does not camp and the game is fluid. Look for this and say that I am lying now "Between my warn and your play time, there was at least 3-4 rounds. Everything can be checked on server log. "
  16. Volt

    Volt Annoying

    Lying for what? Everything can be check on server log. You joined with the name, I warned you twice, you ignored and kept on playing, I kicked you and come back been rude. I'm a developer for LS, and what are you? A trial admin, remember what position you in before making this dumb and stupid thread.
  17. [J]

    Volt Annoying

    You're lying, you did not warn me, I had not even played 2 rounds in a row, what are you talking about? When you want to catch someone who is an expert in cheating, you do it discreetly by changing your name! do you think I'm going to apply? People like you drive away players. You manipulate actions and your version, why do you bother my presence? You were the only one who commented negatively on my application, I told you something, I did not have any plans to apply, it was @Wilano and @JoMaMa that talked to me, I was interested, and why not? Did you remove the admin? hahahahaha you can continue eating my bullets
  18. Volt

    Volt Annoying

    Since I’m the one who kicked you and demoted you. I will put why I done those action. You joined in our server with a nickname “:/”, after I saw, I warned you twice in admin chat. But you continued to ignore me and continued to play the game, therefore you left me with no choice but to kick you. Between my warn and your play time, there was at least 3-4 rounds. Everything can be checked on server log. After you came back from the kicking, you said, “why kick me” and “What’s your problem” (Both in admin chat). The problem was you ignored my warning countless times but, in this instance, it was 4 times. And you said, “I’m not playing”, just because you not playing and spectating players does that mean you don’t have to wear tags? I guess you never bothered to read the admins rules. Good luck on your next application, but for now you not ready. In case you have no idea why you should wear tags, Wilano specially wrote out “Youre required to wear the tag -L|S- from now on!” Guess you ignored that as well, and you never bothered to read any of the admin guideline in admin section. The moment you play on our server, you need to have the tag up. There's no but or "I came from another server". Changing nick literally takes less than 5 second, and you don't have the time to even do that between selecting servers. The fact, that I kicked you. You should immediately tick in your brain and asked yourself why you got kicked, since you already saw the console it was about names. Then you should of changed your name and not coming back with the same name.
  19. [J]

    Volt Annoying

    What is the problem of this guy with me @Volt? @Wilano had already told me about of the name and tag, BUT I was about to start seeing a suspect, I was just connecting and he kicked me, i came from another server with another name, I have already chosen team and the server does not let you see until next round unless restarts, but this guy comes to show that he has a pain because of my presence and he kicks me, you think I'm a fucking soldier that I have to do everything you tell me immediately to that you are happy, this is a "simple game", mature.
  20. Kraken


    Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker: -L|S-lAlgeria Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID: VALVE_5:0:505574190 44 14:31 159 0 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?: zp Description of hack or rule being broke: auto-bhop, sgs, gs and some kind of fps booster or bypass or something else Proof/demo of the offense being made: https://www.mediafire.com/file/okgxrwgkk74y7u0/lAlgeria1.dem/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/lt8m7rigks8pvyu/lAlgeria2.dem/file
  21. Welcome to LsGamerZ.Net enjoy ❤️
  22. Hello everybody :P i'd like to say sorry for being inactive all this time but i;m fcusing on my university and what will i do with my life, and also my phone wsa broken for a damn long time and i couldent open my steam account , but this problem is now fixed :P i'll try to come back asap cuz i miss all of you <3
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