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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!

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  3. hi, demo looks #clean for me, hi used jump zombie and spamming the jump key fast. And i dont see any bhop/script here.
  4. HomeLander GamePlays YouTube Channel .SUBSCRIBE This Is For More Popular This Server AND Make Big Family OF Lost Soul Thanks!!!! We NEED SUPPORT
  5. Hello GMX, Please Play the demo in slow motion, Thanks. tiger44.dem
  6. No need to insult, calm down @THEXBACKyour demo plz
  7. SteamID / ValveID Valve_5:0:1919271313 Why were you banned? THIS ADMINS ARE SUPER LAZY AND NOOBS NOW THEBACK BANNED ME AGAIN WITH BHOP SCRIPT RESON WHY IM BANNED EVVERTIME In-Game Name Tiger Which admin banned you? -L|S- [T]HEXBAC[K] Ban URL http://lsgamerz.com/bans/ban_list.php?bid=44581 Server you banned on Capture the Flag Why should we give you another chance? BC IM NOT HACKER AND SCRIPTER
  8. Last week
  9. bruh , u like my profile ?

  10. Earlier
  11. rest well brotha

    1. EleNa


      rest in peace bruddah 

  12. Nice admin  <3

  13. @Angel   yoo te quieerrooo mmuucchhooooooooo <3

    @Mr.Pedro show us your feet <3

  14. Hi nubs :V

    I'm back

  15. Ahmed :7190_linkpepehype:

  16. Well, because there were 13 participants and we had 24 prizes. Everyone who participated will receive the gift. Congratulations to all, @KetShed, @Angeland me will coordinate and we will be contacting you. So keep an eye on the page and your Steam accounts. We Will contact to you, between Today and tomorrow. @kirito@DrK ChuckyBlue@Nico@FERNANFLOOO@Jesus7u7@kevincr@Marvel@Fullserver ls@beria@Fait@Violax@sAmara@Anouar Gamer96
  17. Name in Game:-L|S-Anouar Gamer96 Friend code of your steam account 1201217617 COPIER Honestly idk what to say but i want to thank all Lost-Souls Members,Admins,Staffs...i know this year was hard for everyone i wish things will get better :) and yeah thats it Merry Christmas all and Happy new year
  18. Nombre en el Juego: -L|S- sÁmara xcx. codigo de amigo: 1231172157 Hola chic@s espero estén bien y pasen un buen Feliz año, espero que este 2022 sea un gran año para este sv tan maravilloso, que me encanta y me gustaría seguir permaneciendo en el. Ya tengo tiempo tiempo aqui y en realidad me gustaría seguir, y colaborando como admin. No soy muy comunicativa jaja pero trato siempre de dar lo mejor de mi para el servidor, y bueno escribo aca porque me gustaria participar en este sortea de steam y tener la oportunidad de ganarlo y asi entusiasmarme más. Feliz navidad, feliz año nuevo, feliz 2022. <3
  19. Angel

    maldita perra, te extraño!

  20. ye, 250 is good too, but no is good for make sgs/strafes and change software for d3d or opengl, that's get more fps
  21. 250 fps no is good, i recommend use fps_max 999 and let's see our fps
  22. i recommend using 300 fps but 250 is still good aswell too
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