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Clean Counter Strike 1.6

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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6

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  3. Man you know, you're my lov*.


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  6. Your profile song is so cursed. LOL.

  7. all server ZE want to get more :

    -new weapone
    -new maps:nemeise-zeombie


    1. Shining


      We don't need this. We've our own weapons

    2. zfamily281


      no i think if yo add new weapon it gona be good

      and ther to many glitch

      in weapon

  8. Broo that pfp is cute, but its really sad tho

  9. Don't worry about that impersonator, I'll take care of that guy, dw about him, he was using your name and he was using hax.

  10. Your name is back, I like your this name +REP

    1. Special Force

      Special Force

      Good old name really got bored of it but i dont want to change tho

    2. Shining


      Good :675377997032718338:

      Don't change again :D

  11. Hi brother, team in ZPL????

    1. doraemon


      Thanx for look my profile.


  12. everything .. black ... all black ... nana na nan nanan ¡ ¡ ¡ 

  13. Earlier
  14. I had around 60 - 70k points, and 50k - 60k caps, i entered into the sv 30 min ago and i had only 120 points, i lost all my points and my caps are still there, i didn't lost caps. Here are the proofs: Screenshot taken on September 8: Now: Please, i hope to get my points again, thanks.
  15. hi man can u look up on zm at my vip+admin code? 

  16. Hey JoMaMa! Welcome back bro!

    It's cool to meet you xD

  17. Hhh your profile picture LOL looking weird. 

    1. Razor


      weird like u
      Ur not XXX fans 
      he has 27m subs and hes Rappers

    2. Shining
    3. Shining


      LOok your Picture LOL


  18. hola <3 


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    2. LeiketL2spampiumpium
    3. Shining


      Estoy bien, gracias. Caudno jugaremos, jugare a las 7-8 PM de la hora de mi pais.  

    4. LeiketL2spampiumpium
  19. Lost Souls Discord Bot coming soon. image.png

    1. Shining


      Omg bro cool <3

  20. Updated @ Nastycamper removed from Head Admin and moved to Server Manager
  21. Happy Birthday Fireboy <3<3

    1. Fireboy


      Thanks man <3

  22. Sorry for the delay to respond I didn't have time to enter. Answering your answer> My mouse has the normal scroll but please send me this video again to find out why I put it on the Scroll upwards. I just scroll the scroll sometimes when I stand on a wall stripe I just press the Letter d + and play the mouse and I tend to roll the scroll but fast so that my Scroll has locks but I can still bunnar like it looks like a Bunny Hopp but I lose speed because I don’t know bunnar very fast will depend on my fps when it’s a good map depending on the confined space of the bunnar like in the sequence I keep trying to rotate the scroll several times of course I can prove it by doing the same thing but to bunnar I will send a video of my bunnando speed
  23. Hi. I let Kraken to decide about that demo what was sent on you, bcs he already have your case previously, but i was for #Dirty too, that speed gain is big, nearly reaching in some case cheat and with pressed space.... thats not okay. Maybe you should understand we don't allow those things even when it is not "clearly cheat", but still it is big advantage.
  24. The demo is #Dirty Macro activity.
  25. The demo is dirty for me .. When you watch it from 10:55:00 you clearly see the jump key dont go off even when you watch it on 1/4 play speed. You say you just spam the jump key actually that is almost impossible to spam it so fast and so long that the jump key dont go off even on very slow play speed. You have some help in your jumps and that could be hyperscroll/macro as we checked you on scripts and you was clean. If you like our servers and enjoy the play time here your chances would be better if you tell the truth and explain your demo.
  26. @ Bruno Rafael I don't know what's the reason that you didn't answer my question yet, but let's see what others say. @ rOha @ Sir Valecek Luis @ Sachar guys please, can you review this demo? I want to know your opinions about it.
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