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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!

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  3. Thank you both for the demos Rugrat: Demo not valid, because you did not type "timeleft" in the chat. Rules are rules. cFg: Demo not valid, the same goes for you. + You blocked someone with sb in the first 15 seconds, after you got infected, you didn't try to attack. + You ended the demo after 1st round, why? The competition was held in Zombie Plague. Not valid. Since @Rugrat 1st demo was still in the leaderboards, he's the .. only winner. Oh well, congratulations!
  4. The competition has now ENDED No more submits are taken. I will update the post of the winners, as soon as i have reviewed the demos.
  5. Your name: Amber Stone In-game name: X.T STEAM/Valve-ID: Valve-ID : STEAM_0:0:555279375 Current AP?: 27043(Legendary)
  6. Tu nombre: Bryan Sebastian En nombre del juego: -L|S- .::[New] [Bryan]::. VAPOR / ID de válvula:VALVE_5:1:1464278963 AP actual ?:10200+
  7. I'll submit a different demo. 49 kills on fortuna: fortuna.dem
  8. Tu nombre:Michael En nombre del juego:Premyst VAPOR / ID de válvula:STEAM_0:0:459206843 AP actual ?:1190
  9. https://dox.abv.bg/download?id=af7b74e2ac 22kills :P
  10. This is my 5th youtube video featuring Zombie Plague. I hope you like it! If you need help, you can message me on Discord: WolfBeard#0111
  11. UPDATE: Event has been once again extended due to recent DDOS attacks and overall chaos. Just be patient.
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  14. Finally i can participate and win them aps. Sorry im a greedy mf
  15. EDIT: The competition is now avaliable for VIP players. (please VIP's read rules!) The prizes have been raised As for @Rugrat, you get another chance to resubmit, due to extending the competition by 4 days. You can keep it if you want, let me know either here or message me in Steam.
  16. In-game name:-L|S- MaHDi Dz STEAM/Valve-ID:VALVE_5:0:2056967130 Current CAPS?:22000
  17. Your name:Mahdi In-game name:-L|S- MaHDi Dz STEAM/Valve-ID:VALVE_5:0:2056967130 Current Ammo Packs?:600-700
  18. Your name: jHoN wICK In-game name: [J][O][H][N] [W][C][K] STEAM/Valve-ID: 144 VALVE_5:0:935582400 9 09:51 217 0 Current AP?:100
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