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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!

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  1. Yesterday
  2. SteamID / ValveID bilinmiyor Why were you banned? bilmiyorum In-Game Name LEGENDARY DARK Which admin banned you? bilmiyorum Ban URL http://lsgamerz.com/bans/ban_list.php Server you banned on Zombie Escape Why should we give you another chance? servere girdigimde bir kaç daka hiç mouse hiç dokunmadım ve serverde afk olarak beni izleyici moduna aldı daha sonra serverde map de
  3. vale verga el hijo de puta de mikasa, cuando lo vea lo voy a mandar a la puta madre

  4. Last week
  5. SteamID / ValveID VALVE_5:1:1739572453 Why were you banned? Hello, I am aware that they will not remove my ban I just wanted to explain (because I was finding out) that in my pc if there is an OpenGL but it corresponds to "MaRiAgAmEr" She is my sister and she played with my pc until a few days ago. I just want you to know that, obviously they banned my ip but they banned the wrong person, because I know the use of hacks is inappropriate "MariAgAmEr" I think he keeps playing in L | S with all kinds of Hacks. Thanks so much for
  6. Adam

    Happy birthday!

    It's your day. 

    1. EleNa


      it is myyyyyy daaayyyy !


  7. Wait. Its your birthday? Ohhh. Happy birthday bby <3
    I'll send cake ^^

    1. EleNa


      aww @Wolfbeardthank you so much nub, yeah I'll leave a lil space in my tummy for that cake <3 

  8. you didn't have to ping for a thing that most of people know :V
  9. type in console viewdemo "demo name" or playdemo "demo name"
  10. You can open the demo by opening console and type "playdemo" "demoname"
  11. Oh thanks I finally reported my first rule breaker
  12. 1+1?
    Wrong Answer Only

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    2. Adam


      @Jinwoo1+1 is Meow 🤣😂😂😂😂

    3. Mikasa


      1+1= Wrong Answer Only

    4. JhOn WiCk

      JhOn WiCk

      1+1 = 11 :)


  13. Good Tutorial Adam, I Hope This Helps People Who Dont Know How To Make A Report. So That In The Future They Get Used To making Their Reports More Easily :D
  14. Hello If someone asked you "What i have to do when i find a Rule Breaker or Scripter", Just send him this topic and he will know! Meet the steps!! First thing: Go to Spectator Click on "Y" and Type /Spec and you will join Spectator Second thing: Click on Ctrl and look for Rule Breaker/Scripter's Name And you will See this! and open Players Menu Then Search for the Ruleb breaker or Hacker 3rd Thing: Record Demo No need to use any Recorder/Program CS is already have record command Type on console: R
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