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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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    1. hello Thanks to @SaKRaNfor helping with the event our winners are..... 1st place @sabanleon he won 30D vip+1500 aps 2nd place @Mr.Pedro he won 1500 aps 3rd place @Scorpion he won 1000 aps @Owner @Co-Owner @R&D @General Staff @Staff @Server Manager @Head Admin @Donator @Server Admin @Trial Admin @ Members
    2. today event :) 19:00 (One map) (Germany time) @ Members @Trial Admin @Server Admin @Head Admin
    3. Hello everyone :) there gonna be event on the 20 of December in the Zombie Plague server how the event works??? I gonna start predator mod and make 2-3 players zombies with 10K HP I gonna respawn every 20 sec the special thing here that zombie gets 11 xp every kill and human who killing one of the zombies will get 300 Ammo Packs in order to win you have to be with the mose score on the server The event gonna be for 30 min/1 Map in the end of those 30 min there will be 3 winners 1st place prize is VIP 30 days + 1500 Ammo Packs 2nd place prize is 1500 Ammo Packs and 3rd 1000 Ammo Packs 19:00 (One Map) (Germany time) Regards, Lost Souls Management. @Owner @Co-Owner @R&D @General Staff @Staff @Server Manager @Demo Reviewer @Head Admin @Donator @Server Admin @Trial Admin @ Members
    4. Happy birthday nub! Enjoy your day! :KannaSip:

      1. Valk


        Happy birthday! sorry for responding late xd 


        Happy Birthday GIF by memecandy

    5. and....... about ur yt channel my bro? haha

    6. elor  help  me to  be an administrador   by sever 


      elor help me to be an administrator

      1. Show previous comments  4 more
      2. Elor


        you cant get adminstrator

      3. ChInO*_*MaSaCrE


        tengo  que llenar   los   requisitos

      4. Elor


        speak english

    8. tengo que cambiar mi nombre a ls chino*_*masacre


    9. hi icey pls sensor ok im a fans from youtube

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