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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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    1. UPDATE : Added a few rules. Main Rules 12- Current Ratio is 1 Guard to 3 Prisoners, otherwise, a Ratio Freeday must be called and the first CT to die will go back to Prisoners team (Such as having 2 Guards to 5 Prisoners, mostly because someone from prisoners had disconnected) CT Rules 14- Guards are not Allowed to Enter the Cells before 7:30 , otherwise Prisoners can kill you, it's considered taunting. 15- The Warden must use his microphone and only his microphone to call out Commands, 16- Guards must make an AFK Check (Countdown) before killing a Prisoner if they seem to be AFK. 17- Admins must call out for a Microphone Check when a Player joins the Guards team. 18- Guards are not allowed to Camp the Gun Room.
    2. Please Note if you fail to meet those requirements, your admin application will be denied. 1- You need to be a Member for at least 7-Days and have a total of 50 hours activity in jailbreak (Gameme stats) 2- Admins must be active on the server and on forums. 3- Admins have to report at least 4-5 rule breakers/hackers/cheaters in Jailbreak. 4- Admins must be able to Speak/Write fluent English. 5- Admins must have Clear Microphones. 6- Admins must play as Guards regularly. 7- Admins must warn wardens through their Microphones when they're mistaken. 8- Maturity is a must. it's not a big deal having young admins of 13 and 14 year olds, but it is a deal if they are not mature enough for this role. This sums up the Requirements for Jailbreak, as well as reading the general Admin Requirements in this thread
    3. Hello L|S ! We officially announce releasing the custom made Jailbreak Server by LS team. We're currently seeking and recruiting a JB team. Since JB has custom rules and requirements, Permanent Server Admins do not get JB access. same goes to HA, DR and SM, they need to apply manually for admin access. As soon as we accomplish recruiting a management team we'll boost it. Hit me on DMs if you're interested.
    4. SPOT OPEN @frostyy @Natsheh SPOT OPEN @ninjakayz @selever @FERNANFLOOO
    5. Dear Members we request that all members Follow with the following rules when contributing to the discussion forums: Keep it friendly. Welcome new members, share your tips or show them how to use the website. If you are a new member, make sure to introduce yourself – our community is waiting for you. Be courteous and respectful Appreciate that others may have an opinion different from yours.. Stay on topic When creating a new discussion thread, give a clear topic title and put your post in the appropriate category. When contributing to an existing discussion, try to stay 'on topic'. If something new comes up within a topic that you would like to discuss, start a new thread. Special Threads Members are not allowed to post in special threads Like Admin Application,unban request,Server Manager Application etc Share your knowledge. Don't hold back in sharing your knowledge – it's likely someone will find it useful or interesting. When you give information, provide your sources. Keep it safe Remember that the forums are public places. Don't post personal information that you would not be comfortable sharing with a stranger. We recommend you use only your first name or a pseudonym in your username and that you don't post any information that may identify you or anyone else, such as your address, email address or phone number. Report abuse A strong online community is self-governing. If you see abuse, report it to us using the ‘report post’ button on the forums. One account per person Running multiple identities on our forums is not permitted. If you are unable to access your account, please get in touch with us rather than creating a new one. Regards Admin Team!
    6. Updated 9th Rule, Important for Admins to avoid such conflicts. @Trial Admin @Server Admin @Head Admin
    7. Disclaimer: Breaking one of the rules mentioned below will result in a suitable measure depending on the sort and the amount of the rule(s) that have been broken. 1•Respect Every member of Lost Souls deserves and has to be respected in all areas in and around the servers. You must not use any kind of racial terms, swear/flame words in general or against other players so that nobody feels discriminated (For example against the skin, color, gender, race, etc...) or not welcomed. This counts for all your posts, comments, personal messages or other inputs you may bring in. 2•Posts and Shoutbox Doublepost (A post that is followed by another post from the same person) has to be avoided. In case you notice that something is missing in your post after submitting, please use the "Modify" - Button to modify your post. Do not spam or flood the forum with either oversized posts and topics or useless posts just to increase the post counter. Headlines may be pointed out, but not the whole post. Also, mind writing complete sentences. Always make sure to read and understand the "Head-Topic(s)" of each section before posting there. Do not repost something that a moderator has deleted or edited. Doing so will result in a warning. If you are unsure why something has been deleted, PM a Moderator. Do not shout more than 3 shouts in raw except in needed situations such as: explaining something, telling something important ...etc 3•Pictures/Screenshots/Videos/Clips Basically we accept all types of "normal" pictures and videos. Pictures or videos which demonstrate or may refer people to: illegal sites, sites with costs, sites which could make people aggressive are prohibited. No pornography at all. Remember that there are minors here, so pornographic depictions are not desirable at all here. 4•Advertise Advertising for other Servers by IP such as discussions about software piracy is prohibited at all.Linking to other sites is fine as long as it is within the context of a discussion Posting a link directly to a resource that answers a question is allowed. Overt promotion is not acceptable and will be removed. Advertisements for your personal homepages, youtube channels, facebook profiles or similar sites is allowed, as long as it does not expand too much, but going on and on is forbidden. 5•Language In the main boards of this forum you are supposed to speak english only. If you wish to speak in any other language, please use the Language Boards or write him a personal message, an e-mail or something similar. If you have problems with the English language or you do not know how to translate a word, please use an (online) dictionary or a translator. But please take care that your posts are still understandable, so do not translate complete texts or posts with a translator. 6•Signatures The maximum height for each kind of signature is 350 pixels. In your signature you are allowed to add everything you wish, as long as it does not break one of the other rules. Signatures, which are copied from other players account will be removed on request. If you don't know how to upload/create a signature, make a request for that on this page. 7•Mini-Moderating and Forum Posts Do not Mini-Mod. Report rule-breaking members/topics to managers/moderators by using the "Report to Moderator" - Button or write them a personal message. Do not be a false witness, means to give your statement only in case it is true and not just to cover someone because he/she is your friend. Do not talk about hacks on this forum or incite anyone to use them. Do not place posts in topics in which they are not supposed to be. Example 1: Don´t post an Admin Apply in Tutorials Example 2: Don´t post an Unban Request in Suggestions and Feedback! 8•Staff & Managers & DRT Team The Moderation-Features and Forum Extra's (Stick, Merge, Lock, Remove, etc) must not be abused at all. They have to be used in case it is necessary only. Please make sure to take care about conflicts, moderator applications, unban appeals, etc... and try to solve them in a professional way. 9•Cheater Reports & Unban Requests Only the person who created the report and the person that got reported (as well as ranks from DR++) are allowed to comment. The only exception where someone may make an input is if they had a direct proof, evidence or a witness statement that supports the development of the report/unban (Needs a Permission from a DR or higher, as well as mentioning their name) 10•Forum Text Color Excessive/Misuse of colors/Smiley/Fontsize is prohibited. 11. Admin Report section. If an Admin or higher admin till co owner is being reported he cant take care of his own report till a higher rank do it with a decision. 12. Community . Talking shit or trying to make fun of other community/clans will get you perm banned. Please do not use more then 3 colors in a post/thread... we understand you might like to see a rainbowed post but to others it can be annoying and bothersome so please keep this in mind when using your color choices. THIS RULE APPLIES TO EVERY USER REGARDLESS OF THEIR RANKS! IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO ABID BY THE RULES YOU WILL POSSIBLY HAVE YOUR THREAD/POST REMOVED WITHOUT FURTHER WARNING. The rule is simple and easy to follow and please make sure you follow up on rule changes as sometimes we need to adjust them
    8. No Hacking / Scripting - Players are not allowed to use any kind of Script [bH] or Cheats [Wallhack,Aimbot,Speedhack...etc]. This will lead to a permanent ban! No Racism - Racism is strictly prohibited in our servers. Including racist nicknames or even insulting someone's religion. Everyone is welcome no matter what their skin color/race/religion/political views etc.. You must respect other players otherwise you will be strictly punished. No Ghosting - If a player is killed and he's spectating, he cannot use his microphone/steam/admin-chat to inform another player/friend/admin were exactly other players are. Breaking this rule will lead to a serious punishment! No Advertising - Players are not allowed to advertise other communities website/server IP's. Including their names/chat/microphone. - This will lead to a warn and permanent ban if needed! No spamming chat - Do not spam/flood server chat (say, say_team) with useless comments. - Do not spam admin-chat (say_team @) with comments such "hello, how are you", "Hey, what did you watch yesterday on tv". This command should be used only to report cheaters to admins! - Do not needlessly spam radio commands. No Swearing - Swearing is tolerated only with simple words such as "shit" "fuck" etc as long as its not used against other players. ( ban/gag ) - Respect other players in the server and don't insult anybody, any excuses such "im just kidding" wont be tolerated, unless the other party willingly says that it's fine, but don't overdo it. - Do not support and encourage a player/member to insult someone else. Even if it's fun or joking. (Not everyone likes these kind of jokes). The result will be either gag or ban. Don't change your nick Your forum name must be the same as your In-Game Name. (Staff are excluded.) Don't ban admins! - Using commands on other admins is strictly prohibited unless action is approved by a Server Manager / Staff member. Failure to follow will result in suspension of admin privileges. - If you suspect an admin is cheating or visually see them breaking rules or disrespecting gather proof (ex: screenshots / demo) and report to the Server manager / staff. English is the only language allowed in voice chat - Do not speak any language(s) other than English in voice communication, you will be gagged and/or kicked. All other languages are more than welcome in normal chat. HYPER SCROLL AND MACRO - Using Hyperscroll is prohibited. Everyone must abide by these written rules. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be punished accordingly. Custom Server Rules Zombie Plague Rules Zombie Escape Rules
    9. JailBreak Server Rules Main Rules : 1- Respect everyone, no racism and no disrespect towards any kind of race, religion or country (causes taking serious decisions and punishments, no exceptions). 2- Spamming,Violating, Shouting is not allowed. 3- Using Hacks, Scripts, Aim Supporters, and other kinds of cheats are not allowed. 4- Using bugs, glitches, and exploits to gain self advantage is not allowed. 5- Team Killing is not allowed, such as using vehicles, cage buttons, cell's and cage's main doors...etc (Bannable matter) 6- This is an English Server and an English Community, therefore do not use other languages on the Microphones, you can use other languages as you please in chat though..(EXCEPTION : Using other language to explain particular rule for the warden/other CTs is allowed) 7- Ghosting is not allowed (Exposing other prisoners'/rebellers' positions to CTs while you're Spec/Dead) 8- Freedays are given ONLY if you were freekilled (Killed by mistake/Killed by lack of knowledge of a certain ct/killed because of a misunderstanding from the warden). TeamKills are not counted as freekills, however the TeamKiller must get bannd. Global Freedays (FreeDay to all Prisoners) are given only if a number of 3 Prisoners were freekilled in the same round, if a Prisoner escaped and opened the cells before the Guards, or If the Guards opened the Cells before calling the day. 9- The First round of the Map is Always a Freeday 10- Prisoners with a Freeday are Allowed to wander around the Map as they please, no exceptions, Guards can not force a command on them as long as they have a Freeday, meaning they can enter the GunRoom, Vents, Towers...etc , If they were caught having any kind of weapons, Guards can kill them without any warning shots (Weapons such as : Rifles, Pistols, Grenades, Harpoons, suicide bombs.....etc) 11- Guards must end the Global Freeday at the time of 4:30 , and force their command on the prisoners, afterwards they can kill any rebelling prisoner, However, Single Player's Freeday, or the Freeday that was bought ends when there is only 1 prisoner left, Guards afterwards can remove their freeday and force their commands on them. 12- Current Ratio is 1 Guard to 3 Prisoners, otherwise, a Ratio Freeday must be called and the first CT to die will go back to Prisoners team (Such as having 2 Guards to 5 Prisoners, mostly because someone from prisoners had disconnected) 13- Last request winners (T's) MUST be rewarded with a Freeday from the CT's upon the following round (Note: People awarded with a freeday cannot stack freedays (Example: First LR win grants you a freeday next round, the second round in a row's LR win does not award you another freeday.) CT/Guards' Rules 1- The Warden has to Call the day before 8:00, which gives them 60 seconds to call the day, otherwise it'd be a Global Freeday (forcing out a command such as "All Prisoners get inside the cage", calling out a game such as HandiCapped Day, Strict Day...etc) 2- Guards Have to Protect their Warden and help them accomplishing a successful day. 3- Guards can not break into the Vents even if they know there is a Prisoner(s) hiding or trying to rebel, but they can go through opened ones(They Can break into the vents in Freedays) 4- Prisoners can Kill any Guard that is Taunting (Getting too close to the Cage's Door, they must stay at least 3 Steps away from it). 5- The Warden has to give a CountDown of 5 Seconds on each Command, however the First Command (Calling the Day) does not require a CountDown otherwise the prisoners are not forced to complete that command. 6- Guards must give Warning Shots before killing a Prisoner, and repeat their last Command, Unless the warden had already given a command of not giving any warning shots. 7- Guards must not interrupt the Warden's Speech unless there is a very important reason (chatting with each other while the warden is talking is not allowed) 8- Giving/Supplying Prisoners with weapons to kill the Warden, or any kind of corruptions to the Warden's day are not allowed. Gun-Planting to Kill an innocent prisoner is not allowed, it's counted as a freekill (Gun-Planting : Throwing your gun, your pistol or anything that might give you a reason to kill the prisoner) 9- Bad Microphones / UnClear Microphones are not Allowed, your voice has to be clear and understandable, Do Not join the Guards team if you don't have a microphone, or if you have bad background noises. 10- Guards must Explain their commands, they can not call a day with "It's a Handi Cap day, all Prisoners get inside the Cage" and open the cells, they must explain what a Handi Cap day is. (Same applies to all other days) 11- Other Guards must not use their menus or abuse them, such as setting glows, giving freedays. or giving microphones(...etc) before asking the Warden for permission. 12- Two Commands with separated countdowns can't meet, meaning If the Warden called the prisoners to Freeze and Face the Backwall of the cage, afterwards made a new command with a new countdown saying Prisoners must freeze at the back wall inside the cage, that disables the first command which is "prisoners have to freeze and FACE the backwall of the cage", unless the warden called 2 commands under the same countdown. 13- Press " C " for Guards Menu Press " X " for Gang's / Casino's Menu Press " Z " for Admin's Menu *Admins Only* 14- Guards are not Allowed to Enter the Cells before 7:30 , otherwise Prisoners can kill you, it's considered taunting. 15- The Warden must use his microphone and only his microphone to call out Commands, 16- Guards must make an AFK Check (Countdown) before killing a Prisoner if they seem to be AFK. 17- Admins must call out for a Microphone Check when a Player joins the Guards team. 18- Guards are not allowed to Camp the Gun Room. TS/Prisoners' Rules 1- Prisoners must obey the Warden's commands otherwise they're considered as rebels, and Guards are allowed to kill them. 2- Prisoners Mustn't TeamKill so they guarantee the LastRequest, they must earn it. Teamkilling is a bannable matter. 3- Prisoners in their LastRequest, They can pick up any last request they desire and they can decide their own rules, Guards must obey those rules otherwise the prisoner gets a freeday, by default, cheating in a LastRequest is not allowed, but if the prisoner breaks that, the guard can cheat, the Breaking must come from the prisoner's side, otherwise the prisoner gets a Freeday on the nextround. (cheating : such as running to the gunroom and getting a Gun in a Shot 4 Shot LR...etc) Popular Games / Commands 1- Freeze : Freeze Command, the Prisoners must stop moving immediately, any move afterwards might cause into their death (Note : Moving the mouse is allowed and This command does not require a countdown) 2- Strict Day : Strict day is called by the start of the round only, means , prisoners must get out of their cells, take one step away and face their cells, until the warden ends that day. 3- Handi-Capped Day : Handi-Cap day is also called by the start of the round only, Handi-Cap is a day where prisoners must keep crouching continuously, and without jumping, slashing or stabbing. 4- Silent/Quite - Day : it is a day called by the start of the round as well, Prisoners MUST NOT Make any noise, such as slashing noises, stabbing noises, Footsteps noise, and jumping noise. anything that causes sounds / noises is forbidden, and causes the prisoner's death. 5- Snake's-Head Day : Snake's-Head day is called whenever the warden wants. The warden chooses a random prisoner, afterwards, the random prisoner is considered the Snake's head, all prisoners must be crouching, and following the snake's head in a straight line, if the head jumps, all others must jump, if the head slashes, prisoners must slash otherwise they're rebelling, and guards are allowed to kill them, until the warden calls an end for it. 6- Simon-Says Day : Simon Says game/day could be started at any time during the day. Simon Says is a Game where prisoners must obey the commands that start with "Simon Says" For example : "Simon Says All Prisoners jump and keep jumping" (All prisoners must jump and keep jumping continuously until they end it or call a different command) Otherwise it's not a command, and Prisoners must NOT obey it. That game stops only if the Warden dies / Calls an End for it ( Simon Says Simon Says game is now Over) . (Note: Simon's commands do not require a countdown) 7- Hot-Potato or Red-Ball Game : This activity is different than other ones. It requires having the prisoners locked up inside the cage, throwing the Soccer Ball and turning Soccer Dodge Ball MiniGame On. Prisoners die upon touching the Ball, They can slash/stab the ball but can not pick it up. Guards can shoot the Ball if the Warden gives them the permission. 8- Last Reaction-First Reaction: LR-FR Is an activity that depends on fast reactions and quick responses from players, this activity requires the CT's to lineup(not necessarily) the T's and explain the following: When the CT for example says "Last Reaction Jump!" all T's have to JUMP and the last terrorist to perform this command must be killed by the CT's, Same goes for First-Reaction but this time the first Terrorist to perform this command must be killed, this mini activity can be performed with a wide variety of commands such as "Last reaction go to the Football field". Thanks for your time, We wish you all happy and fair gameplay. Please contact one of the managers if you're having difficulties understanding rules/games/days.
    10. 1. You must follow the Rules as any other user(ServerRules/Forum's). 2. Admins aren't allowed to use their powers on other admins. If you find another admin cheating in anyway you are to report the admin, you are not allowed to take action yourself, if caught doing so you will be demoted IMMEDIATELY upon finding 3. Admins aren't allowed to remain in spec for no reason(just to count activity time). 4. Admins aren't allowed to abuse their powers to gain self-advantage over other players. 5. Admins must wear the clan tag in-game which is -L|S- or |LS|. 6. Admins (All Adminstrating Ranks) must use their forum names on the server. 7. Admins must always have at least one evidence before banning any player(DemoRequests/EvidenceRequest by DR team will be made to every admin from time to time). 8. Admins must be Active In-Game and Open Forums on daily basis. 9. If there is a ban evader and they keep on coming back after they've been banned 3 times (No more than 3!! If more, there will be punishment.), then don't ban them. Abuse them instead. Make it impossible for them to play. 10. If a player is using any sort of scripts, then ban for one week as a warning ban. If they come back after the week and they continued hacking, only then ban them permanently for evasion. 11. Admins can make nemesis in dragon, and nightcrawler mode, but cannot make more than "2" nemesis. 12. "Do not" make more than 1 dragon or 1 nightcrawler. 13. 10 second rule. If the mode is "random" the 10 second rule doesn't apply, If an admin makes a mode before the count down in the beginning of match gets to 1, then the 10 second rule applys. If you wait for the count down in beginning of match the 1st nemesis can automatically start killing.creating 2 nemesis, the 2nd nemesis "always" has to wait 10 seconds and cannot block enter or exit path. 14. Admins are allowed to start modes once every 6 rounds. 15. Donators are not allowed to use " amx_ban " console command, they are only allowed to use the ban command through the menu (amxmodmenu or amx_banmenu). These rules apply for anyone who has admin access in ZP, not only "Admins" Note: breaking any of the rules will cause punishments. Regards... Management
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