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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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    1. Update @StonksRemoved, You can apply again if you want to be Trial Admin of JailBreak or any other server, GL @Natsheh Promoted to Server Manager, Congrats
    2. Adam

      Oh brother, Whats upppppp

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      2. Adam


        Good :D

        AND YOU?

      3. Slow


        just as well, coming back to the community little by little:)

      4. Adam


        Niice <3

    3. TokYo

      noob now Big noob :d

      1. Adam


        No u hehe

    4. But we need English not only spanish :(
    5. Happy birthday brotherrrrr

    6. Manigga?


      1. Adam



      2. Adam
    7. Happy birthday bruh

      Happy Birthday GIF by Mumbai Indians

      1. AMINE pro

        AMINE pro

        Thanks <3

    8. Happy birthday!

      It's your day. 

      1. EleNa


        it is myyyyyy daaayyyy !


    9. Hello If someone asked you "What i have to do when i find a Rule Breaker or Scripter", Just send him this topic and he will know! Meet the steps!! First thing: Go to Spectator Click on "Y" and Type /Spec and you will join Spectator Second thing: Click on Ctrl and look for Rule Breaker/Scripter's Name And you will See this! and open Players Menu Then Search for the Ruleb breaker or Hacker 3rd Thing: Record Demo No need to use any Recorder/Program CS is already have record command Type on console: Record [Name] Example: Record adam and Record will start, Record the player who cheats or breaks the rules... Then Type Stop on console and the record will Stop. Fourth Thing: Take Rule Breaker's/Scripter's VALVE/STEAM ID Open the Console Then Type Status And you will see VALVE/STEAM ID all players! For Example: That is My Valve ID You must copy it Fifth Thing: Take Demo Click on MOUSE2, Then Choose "Open File Location" Then open Cstrike Then you will your Demo EDITED: How to view your Demo First: Open Console and Type: Viewdemo [Name] Example: Viewdemo adam Then the demo will start after Seconds After Seconds will start! Last Thing: Make a report topic! Here: https://lsgamerz.net/application/form/6-report-cheatersbehaviour/ I hope my tutorial helped you!! @ Members
    10. Happy birthday my brootherr.

      Its ur day.

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