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Jailbreak Beginner's Guide


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[Beginner's Guide for jailbreak]

This is going to be a very simple topic regarding jailbreak for new players who get confused once they join the server.

Here's a few tips to learn how to be a better jailbreak player in terms of knowledge.

- 1: As a Prisoner (T) You're commited to following the Warden's(CT) commands, however if you do not follow, CT's are allowed to kill you. you choose the way to play!

- 2: As a CT You're going to be either a Guard/Warden, as a guard you must protect your Warden from the Prisoners who escape/attack the CT's

- 3: A warden is the commander, which is the guy who leads/commands the prisoners, (RULES APPLY), A warden speaks through a microphone

- 4: Remember that no punishments such as Kick/Ban..etc will be applied on any prisoner if they don't follow the Warden's commands, this is how jailbreak is supposed to be played

- 5: Reading the rules/Jailbreak Commands/Games will help you get a head start in the server! 

- 6: As a Warden You're allowed to do whatever you want with the prisoners (RULES APPLY) you may use the map games/trivia questions/last-first reactions .. etc

- 7: In order to make a successful day as a Warden(CT) you may call your day before opening the cells (ex:Today is going to be a cage day, get to the cage, you have 5 seconds!) The cells may be opened successfully

and that's a successful day, however you've got to be careful from the prisoners!

Another example: So today is going to be a cage day but once i open the cells i want you guys to line up on my blue line outside of your cells, i'll give you 5 seconds to complete my command! (Cells can be opened after giving this command, which makes you killing the prisoners for not following aftewards completely reasonable)

- 8: Jailbreak can get confusing sometimes and it's okay, you may ask the @Server Admin  @Trial Admin  @Head Admin @Server Manager  & any other administrator For help, they'll be more than happy to help you out!

- 9: As a prisoner (T) you may choose to trick the CT's by lying to them or convincing them to do a specific day/command , you're free to do whatever you like but hey don't forget, you're controlled by the CT's!


More Tips will be added if missing/needed.

Kind regards,

Lost Souls Staff Team / Jailbreak Management.

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Discord: frosty#3964


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