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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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  1. Challenge is now over, Congratulations to our Winner @ Natsheh After Succeeding on finishing the 2 Required rules for the challenge above. The Winner has been rewarded with the following: + Vip (1 Month) + JB In-Game Cash ($15,000) More Challenges to come soon, Keep an eye out! locked. - JB Staff Team.
  2. UPDATE : Main Rules 13- Last request winners (T's) MUST be rewarded with a Freeday from the CT's upon the following round (Note: People awarded with a freeday cannot stack freedays (Example: First LR win grants you a freeday next round, the second round in a row's LR win does not award you another freeday.) Popular Games / Commands: 8- Last Reaction-First Reaction: LR-FR Is an activity that depends on fast reactions and quick responses from players, this activity requires the CT's to lineup(not necessarily) the T's and explain the following: When the CT for example says "L
  3. Hello, as a manager of the jailbreak server, i'm always looking to improve and keep the server running in the best possible way, however, a mode such as "Jailbreak" can be a bit hard for players to master and understand properly, So today i'm doing this challenge hoping to encourage some of you to master the JB Server which requires the following below: 1# [The Player Must Master The JB Server Rules] 2# [The Player Must Become a Very WELL-ROUNDED CT Player (Rules Apply)] The FIRST Player To Prove the Jailbreak STAFF Team that he's mastered the rules above will be
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