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Special Days Guide + Rules


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Jailbreak main mod v2.7 Specialdays description:-

* Automatic Specialday vote on fridays (Ingame date) consisted of 5 random specialdays will be randomly selected and pushed into the vote menu.

Specialdays Rules ( The following rules applies for all the specialdays except freeday! )

  • No Cheating = SLAY
  • Equipping guns from the gunroom = SLAY

Freeday: Prisoners can wander around the map, discovering places etc..., now there're two types of freedays, one is Restricted Freeday which guards will restrict a certain area and whom ever broke into the restricted area the guard can simply kill him/her, the second is Unrestricted freeday which means the guard have no authority on where the prisoners can go to...

Knives day: Self-explanatory You have to Knife your teammates and be the last one standing (Guards have more health so you might want to team up against them) 

Deathmatch day: Free for all, each player will fight against the other and the player with the most kills will win a trophy at the end.

Scoutknivez day: Free for all, each player will fight against the other and the player with the most kills will win a trophy at the end, every player will be automatically equipped with a scout and knife and gravity will be lowered.

USP-Ninja day: Free for all, each player will be equipped with a usp that has a silencer, Ninjas will have the ability to jump high and avoid fall damage.

Dodgeball day: Free for all, each player will be equipped with a dodgeball, your objective is to hit each and every player you see with the ball, a direct hit will damage the player by 50 health points.

Snowball day: Free for all, each player will be equipped with unlimited supply of snowballs, each snowball does about 75 damage to a player upon getting hit by it, as well there's a feature also to build a snowman while trying to stack multiple snowballs in one place.

Sniper day (Guards are required): Guards will be equipped with an AWP on the other hand prisoners will be equipped with glocks18, each team will fight each other until one of them wins.

HideNSeek day (Guards are required): Guards will be the seekers by default and prisoners will be the hiders, prisoners will have an amount of time at the start of the specialday to hide while the guards are frozen, after a period of time the seeking will start and guards will unfreeze, seeking will remain until last prisoner alive or when the seeking time ends.

Zombies day: Random players will be infected with the zombie virus, while humans trying to survive by either surviving the time or killing all the zombies and vice versa.

Nightcrawlers day (Guards are required): Nightcrawlers will have 200HP, invisibility( getting shot will result in temporarily appearing ), teleportation ability (by pressing R +reload key) and finally they can climb walls by holding the +use E key, now for the prisoners, a weapon menu will popup for them to select their weapons, prisoners as well can access the shop and try to buy some items that can help them locate the nightcrawlers.

Space day (Guards are required): Guards vs prisoners, guards will be equipped with AWPs and prisoners will be equipped with scouts, both teams have low gravity.

Chickens day (Guards are required): Guards vs prisoners, Guards are armed with m4a1 and deagle, while prisoners are transferred into chickens, prisoners can launch an egg by pressing the +use key ( E ).

TTT(Trouble in the Terrorist Town) day : The rules are simple all you need to know is your role  and DONT RDM!  ( RDM = Random match making / Killing a player without a serious reason ) 
        Serious reasons are / tolerated reasons :-

  • Attempting assassination.
  • Caught the player killing someone and not identifying the corpse.
  • Implying the detectives orders ( Called a KOS/HIT on the player by a detective )

       Roles :-

  • Detective: The role will be given when there're more than 6 players presence, objective is to do the searching, analyzing and detective work to figure out whom are the traitors.
  • Innocent: This is the most common role will be given to players as they're sitting ducks for the traitors to hunt.
  • Traitor: Upon having this role your objective to assassinate all the other players except your teammates which are the traitors.

        RDM Rate: Is a percentage will effect players ability to damage as well innocents and detectives will get slain upon killing someone innocent if they've a high RDM rate.
        Corpse: You can analyze a corpse by holding the +use [E] key to be supplied with some information to help determine further instructions.
        Voice communication: Players can speak to other players through channels, to switch channel press the [R] +reload key ( currently there're only two channels which are global voice channel and nearby ).

Hunger Games: You spawn with a box In front of you and lots of players you have to be the last man standing (The box have 100% Chance to contain Knife) So dont head for it since most players will run to get other weapons

Boxes will Contain Random weapons with 0-9 Shots (Yes sometimes weapons are empty) Dont Throw the weapon that is out of ammo because if your lucky enough to get same weapon again you will get +Ammo so you can reload

(Cheating by Getting weapons from Gunroom isnt allowed) However boxes in gunroom is collected normally

Hulk Day: One hulk will spawn and he will be in CT Team T's Can choose weapons and have to teamup or just hide from the Hulk 

Note:Hulk is so powerful with 15K Hp meaning that being alone isnt a good idea

Gun Game: a Basic Gun Game There will be a voting on the start of the day to choose which guns you want to play first (It is only 2 second vote so think fast) My recommended Votes are to choose Knife & Gernades first since they become annoying to get kills with after everyone reaches weapons (Remember Teamkilling is allowed Ct's can kill other Ct's and same for T's) You need 2 Kills to level up

Freeze Tag: Ct's Needed  Prisoners Have to run from Ct's and help eachother You will be given Boost in this round for both teams (Hold E Dont just press) 

CT: In this Day you need to STAB and only Stab T's to Freeze them They will have 25 Seconds after that they will die from freezing (If everyone is freezed and only 1 guy left and he got frozen LR will be automatically started)

T's: Run From CT's and help your frozen Teammates by STABBING Them this will reset the timer if your frozen and get frozen again 

Note: Stabbing your teammates while your frozen will not unfreeze them 

PTV (Protect the VIP) : Ct's Needed T's will have to teamup against the Ct team and have to invade the gunroom (or whatever the hiding place they are in)

Ct's: Cover VIP and Dont let him Die by T's (If VIP Dies All Ct's will Die)

VIP: Try not to expose yourself as much as possible You will be Equipped with an Auto-usp (50 Bullets + No-recoil) 

T's : Invade the Gunroom and Kill Ct's and the VIP (Aiming for VIP might be good if you want to finish round but be careful of his Ct's Covering him

One in the Chamber: Self-Explanatory  You have 1Hp and one shot in your deagle You also have a knife but dont use it until your out of ammo 

Killing someone will gain you a bullet (Either knife or pistol) Remember you can pickup deagles from fallen enemies use this as your advantage

(Using Gunroom Deagles which are fully loaded will cause you to be punished by Slay)

Ghost Hunting: BOO! There will be a random chosen Player to be Ghost and others must kill him using their M3 

Ghosts: You have noclip + Speed (However you must press G and keep pressing it or else they wont see you +Damage wont register and you will get slayed) (Every Ghost have 500HP)

T's and Ct's: Teamup and kill Ghosts 

Note : Cage area is Good to stand on (Especially if it have a Trap underneath the floor which kills/Damage the Ghost)

Harpoon War: Everyone have 1 Harpoon and  knife you need to Kill each other (Harpoons are strong and do a 1 hit)

Note:You can just go and knife player if you lost your harpoon 

You can pickup unlimited harpoons from ground

Bazooka Day: Everyone is equipped with bazookas and have to kill each other with it (Careful since you might kill yourself)

Every Bazooka have 4 Modes

Normal Mode: just a normal rocket no following or anything (Its very fast)

Control Mode:You can control the rocket with your mouse (This isnt the one where you are the rocket itself)

Homing Mode: This one will Just Go on players (After it finds one) and will explode if it touches him or just the reload time is over

Control Mode 2nd: You are the Rocket and see where its and can aim it where you want however mind the timer because if its over the rocket will explode

Tips & Notes : Rockets Leaves Trails behind them making it easy to spot players who shot it (Also Radars will help you) 

Every Rocket Have Exploding time which is 5.0Secs (And its the same time for the new rocket to be reloaded) 

You have unlimited Rockets so dont be scared about ammo

Zombie Apocalypse : One of the Best Days that will win you lots of money 

Ct's and T's have to Coop with each other and kill zombies  (Gang skills except the HP are removed so Dont try to troll your teammates) 

Zombies Spawn Double the Living Humans Meaning if we have 2 humans we will have 4 zombies and it goes on

Your auto-equipped with an unlimited Spare-ammo M4a1 (You can go to gunroom if you want and armor is allowed)

Wave 5 (BOSS): a boss will appear in this Wave which is called a Revenant Boss he will be throwing fireballs and even making a circle of it (He can Rain Fireballs aswell) he have 35% Chance to drop Gold and Players will be Alerted for Dropping + Who killed him

Remember Teaming up is the best option you got and you can run while zombie Teleporting around you in the Soccer fields (Since they are big and wide to avoid zombies)

Notes & Rules: 

Camping Vent/Ladders/Unreachable places = Slay/Slap after warnings

Unreachable places which zombies cant teleport or jump to attack the player if the player is getting damaged then the place is OK

Low Gravity =Slay/Slap after done several times (Admins have to use /set command for the gravity) 

You can buy Minigun/Autousp and Medkits at the shop 

Trivia Night: If you like Questions you will like this Trivia day 

There will be random questions and you have to answer it right answer 3 wrong in a row and you will die

Note : You Can delay until countdown reaches 0 then choose an answer this might work for you and make you win

The Incorrect-Answers-Death will reset if you answer 1 of the 3 question correct

Mario Day: Basically like the Mario games you have to Stomp(Jump) on your opponents Heads to kill them (No weapons will be granted)

Note:Ladders are your best option since its gonna register as you bumped someone's head (Thanks to Sogz for reminding :) )

And Thats all folks thats all of the special days in The game Remember to Have fun as Ct or T

Consider Getting HP From The map a useless try since its going to be disable

Got Bad spawn? Tell admin to Revive fast. 


Guess Who: Tons of NPC characters are around you as a

Hider: 200HP you have to Take one skin approach an NPC and press E to take it Press R to act like an NPC

Seekers: you have 100hp careful with your shooting since NPC damage you if its wrong guy however shooting players will not damage you

Tips and notes : You cant pick up weapons as Hider however you can fight back with knife it will do 10 damage to seekers

Seekers are equipped with Mp5 and Deagle 

Hitting NPC as a hider or seeker will damage you

If you feel suspicious about an NPC hit him with knife instead of weapons to minimize your damage 

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