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Jailbreak Rules and Terms


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Added a few rules.
Main Rules

12- Current Ratio is 1 Guard to 3 Prisoners, otherwise, a Ratio Freeday must be called and the first CT to die will go back to Prisoners team (Such as having 2 Guards to 5 Prisoners, mostly because someone from prisoners had  disconnected)

CT Rules

14- Guards are not Allowed to Enter the Cells before 7:30 , otherwise Prisoners can kill you, it's considered taunting.

15- The Warden must use his microphone and only his microphone to call out Commands,

16- Guards must make an AFK Check (Countdown)  before killing a Prisoner if they seem to be AFK.

17- Admins must call out for a Microphone Check when a Player joins the Guards team.

18- Guards are not allowed to Camp the Gun Room.

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Main Rules

13- Last request winners (T's) MUST be rewarded with a Freeday from the CT's upon the following round (Note: People awarded with a freeday cannot stack freedays (Example: First LR win grants you a freeday next round, the second round in a row's LR win does not award you another freeday.)

Popular Games / Commands:

8- Last Reaction-First Reaction:  LR-FR Is an activity that depends on fast reactions and quick responses from players, this activity requires the CT's to lineup(not necessarily) the T's and explain the following: When the CT for example says "Last Reaction Jump!" all T's have to JUMP and the last terrorist to perform this command must be killed by the CT's, Same goes for First-Reaction but this time the first Terrorist to perform this command must be killed, this mini activity can be performed with a wide variety of commands such as "Last reaction go to the Football field".

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1- Added multiple aesthetic changes. Introduction of some more color and bigger fonts;

2- Implemented grammar changes on a lot of rules. This is to make the rules easier to read and to understand;

3- Complete rework of Main Rules. They're now named General Rules. Most of the General Rules have been moved to both the T Rules and CT Rules, since that's where they fit the best;

4- Added a new tab called Jailbreak Terms, at the end of the rules topic. This is meant to explain certain terms that are used on the rules and that players might not be sure what they mean;

5- Removed the Popular Games/Commands tab. This is both to make Guards have more creativity whilst commanding and to remove its redundancy for the future, since I'm planning to make a separate forum topic for Jailbreak Games;

6- Updated the title to "Jailbreak Rules and Terms".


7- Multiple rules have been edited, added or removed. I'm also providing the reasoning behind them. They are as follows:

General Rules:

Added rule #1- "Jailbreak in multiple instances is ran by common sense. This allows for better gameplay and overall player experience"
Reasoning: Common sense doesn't get talked about much in jailbreak, but its the glue for everything that happens within the gamemode.

Added rule #4- "Any kind of advertisement is strictly forbidden"
Reasoning: Duh?

Added rule #10- "Any time that the Prisoner to Guard ratio is broken and a decision can't be made about who switches teams, a Ratio Freeday will be held to decide the Guard/Guards that stay in the CT team."
Reasoning: Sets a precedent for a worst case scenario. Common sense is also in play here, obviously.

Added rule #11- "A Global Freeday is given in the following scenarios: If the cells are open without any kind of commands, if the Prisoners manage to open the cells before the Guards do so and if the cells aren't open after the time limit to do so."
Reasoning: Also obvious, but some players don't know about this, so I'm setting it up here.

Added rule #12- "Any Prisoner that attacks a Guard is considered as a Rebeller and the Guard can kill the Rebeller, if he decides to do so."
Reasoning: Duh? This is also just a little rule to finish out General Rules, since it applies to both teams.

Edited rule #6- "Team Killing is not allowed, such as using vehicles, cage buttons, cell's and cage's main doors and other methods. (Punishment: Banned for 5 hours max)" is now "Team killing is forbidden, unless the purpose of a game ordered by the Warden is to do so".
Reasoning: To enhance Guard creativity whilst also keeping the rule intact. Removed examples since the concept of Team Killing I think is rather self-explanatory, but will add if problems arise by the wording.


Prisoner Rules:

Complete rework of all the rules present in this tab.
Reasoning: Since multiple rules were added to this tab and most of the ones present fit into General Rules, a rework would be the best course of action.
All of the new rules added are there to enhance the gameplay experience and to stop exploits or cheesiness that could have been made before.


Guard Rules:

Added rule #3- "All Guards must be impartial";
Reasoning: Impartiality is one of the most important aspects of being a Guard. The ability to see everyone without any prejudice or bias is very good and necessary in order to have the best Jailbreak experience.

Added rule #7-  "It's strictly forbidden to do warning shots with the Scout, AWP, Auto-Snipers or Shotguns (In close range). It's also forbidden to aim for the head whilst doing warning shots.";
Reasoning: All these weapons do a lot of damage to players, especially those without Kevlar. Warning shots should have a good mix between damage and forgiveness, and these don't do that job.

Added rule #9- "Sending HEs towards multiple terrorists is not allowed";
Reasoning: This falls into the same line as no Freehitting. If you throw a nade to damage one person, all the others get damage as well, which is not good.

Added rule #11- "If a Prisoner refuses to play a game, the Guards are allowed to kill said prisoner, if they so desire"
Reasoning: This is the norm everywhere and it falls under common sense. Emphasis on the "if they so desire", if a Prisoner just doesn't like one game, the Warden can just have everyone play a different game.

Added rule #18- "It's forbidden to do cell orders in a map that has multiple cells. If the map only has one cell, these are allowed"
Reasoning: Avoids delaying and lower commanding quality. Giving people orders in multiple cells doesn't help the gamestate and puts the pace of the game to a grinding halt.

Added rule #20- "It's allowed to take away Prisoners rights in order to increase the difficulty of a game, to remove the chances of a Prisoner cheating or just to create games"
Reasoning: Allows for more creativity in commanding. Who doesn't like that?

Added rule #21- "Using similar words in order to trick players in games is not allowed (Example: Saying Wyman instead of Simon in Simon Says)"
Reasoning: Can be very tilting to any player, especially when the Warden has a very thick accent or whose English isn't the best.

Edited rule #16- "The Warden has to give a CountDown of 5 Seconds on each Command, however the First Command (Calling the Day) does not require a CountDown otherwise the prisoners are not forced to complete that command" is now "A countdown is mandatory on the first order if you're a Warden (Preferably a Countdown from 5 to 0), and countdowns after that are merely optional";
Reasoning: Edited it to be the other way around since I believe it's better, less confusing overall and a better experience for Wardens. Wardens always having to do countdowns after every order is very tedious if you're not used to it.

Removed rule #8- "Giving/Supplying Prisoners with weapons to kill the warden, or any kind of corruptions to the warden's day is not allowed. Gun-Planting to Kill an innocent prisoner is not allowed, it's counted as a freekill (Gun-Planting : Throwing your gun, your pistol or anything that might give you a reason to kill the prisoner)"
Reasoning: Have sprinkled it under some new rules, making it redundant to have in the list.

Removed rule #12- "Two commands with separated countdowns can't meet, meaning If the Warden called the prisoners to Freeze and Face the Backwall of the cage, afterwards made a new command with a new countdown saying Prisoners must freeze at the back wall inside the cage, that disables the first command which is "prisoners have to freeze and FACE the backwall of the cage", unless the warden called 2 commands under the same countdown."
Reasoning: Found this rule to be very messy to type out. Putting this under "common sense", since this kind of commanding can be cheesy or flat out annoying.

Removed rule #13- "Press " C " for the warden menu. *Warden Only*
Press " X " for accessing the shop.
Press " Z " for Admin's menu. *Admins Only* "
Reasoning: Makes no sense to have this on the rules. Added it under Jailbreak Terms.

Removed rule #14- "Guards are allowed to enter the cells only after opening the cells by 30 seconds otherwise prisoners are allowed to kill the invokers"
Reasoning: Grammar isn't the greatest, rule is confusing and it also falls under common sense a fair tad.

Removed rule #15- "The Warden must use his microphone and only his microphone to call out Commands."
Reasoning: It's obvious, and falls under the rule where every Guard must have a mic that works well.

Removed rule #17- "Admins must call out for a Microphone Check when a player joins the Guards team"
Reasoning: Shoudn't really be under the rules that exist for everyone. An admin should do that, but shoudn't be listed here.

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