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JailBreak Rules / Popular Commands and Games


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Added a few rules.
Main Rules

12- Current Ratio is 1 Guard to 3 Prisoners, otherwise, a Ratio Freeday must be called and the first CT to die will go back to Prisoners team (Such as having 2 Guards to 5 Prisoners, mostly because someone from prisoners had  disconnected)

CT Rules

14- Guards are not Allowed to Enter the Cells before 7:30 , otherwise Prisoners can kill you, it's considered taunting.

15- The Warden must use his microphone and only his microphone to call out Commands,

16- Guards must make an AFK Check (Countdown)  before killing a Prisoner if they seem to be AFK.

17- Admins must call out for a Microphone Check when a Player joins the Guards team.

18- Guards are not allowed to Camp the Gun Room.

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Main Rules

13- Last request winners (T's) MUST be rewarded with a Freeday from the CT's upon the following round (Note: People awarded with a freeday cannot stack freedays (Example: First LR win grants you a freeday next round, the second round in a row's LR win does not award you another freeday.)

Popular Games / Commands:

8- Last Reaction-First Reaction:  LR-FR Is an activity that depends on fast reactions and quick responses from players, this activity requires the CT's to lineup(not necessarily) the T's and explain the following: When the CT for example says "Last Reaction Jump!" all T's have to JUMP and the last terrorist to perform this command must be killed by the CT's, Same goes for First-Reaction but this time the first Terrorist to perform this command must be killed, this mini activity can be performed with a wide variety of commands such as "Last reaction go to the Football field".

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