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What is the problem... really?


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I have discussed balance to someone who will remain anonymous to be respectful toward their opinions and prevent lashing.
So... what is REALLY the problem here?
Are zombies too overpowered? Are humans? Balance can be a bit of an issue when it comes down to LS. Honestly, it is mostly just how the community likes ZP, slightly unhinged game-play. Now, I can only do so much map-related balancing as a mapper before people dislike the entire map because of 2 spots that fail them—all it takes if for two spots for people to "hate" the whole map itself.
However, recent updates seem to have brought quite some concerns. 

"Zombie tank is unbalanced."

"Anti-jump M4 is completely broken."

All of you need to realize that LS-levels of balance is a bit of a stretch. Zombies get 2x of just about every item except antidote and infection grenade. About 5-straight seconds of in invincibility twice. (These facts were changed as of the creation of this post. I will still leave them here for visualization.) However, how can zombies be "overpowered" when almost nobody likes to spend their points. Players walkabout with all those points they've earned through damage, kills, and ranking. Shave off the AP they spent buying only laser-mines and auto-snipers. The zombies' ability to win a round can not be considered "OP" if no one is going to do anything to defend themselves.

Also, the humans, the Very Important Players, have no problem burning their points. They get much more AP per kill in return. They get most powerful gear at half price. They get a set of free sand bags and a free laser-mines. Zombies can not be blammed for winning a round because they decided to dedicate some of their points to fight 4 sandbags and 2 100dps laser-mines.

This post is here to help some of you think about your over-critical opinions on new updates for LS. You wanted high-fps players to be limited. However, the costs outweigh the rewards. You guys, in return, could no longer dodge perfect head-shots. You guys are forced to spend your points or get banned 30 minutes for not trying. Think highly next time you guys insult someone for killing you with high fps. Most of you did nothing to defend yourself. You were either freeloading with a group of people thus resulting in an infection grenade or you were running around the map doing fuck-it-all. 

So... are YOU the problem with balance or is the server? Think about what you are doing next time you play the server. 

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Very inspirational thing you did here, good opinion dude and most likely you told about the truth here 

Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present."




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