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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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Fred Jones

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      Welcome to my profile. I am interested to go at Solar System.
      I want to explore in planets and to know about them.
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      South Asia.
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      Coding, Mapping, Gaming & Gardening etc.

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    1. Welcome back <3 

      1. Laith Bobo

        Laith Bobo

        Thanks bro <3

    2. Happy birthday bro!

    3. Yo guys

      My website is done xD

      Just need to change background 

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      2. Kuroku


        Give link gay, its that introduction web?

      3. Fred Jones

        Fred Jones

        Yep, it's introduction and my other details website, and Lost-Souls information is given in it as well :D

      4. Fred Jones
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    5. Welcome back ;) 

    6. hi

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      2. Adam


        But i need other 3 months to Back and for Get admin back

        Because school, after I will play with u bro and chat :D 

      3. Fred Jones

        Fred Jones

        Good, I'm admin in ZE too :D

      4. ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^
    7. Happy New Year bro ! Hope this time no Covid, or might be Covid-21 :D

    8. dude u there

      1. ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^

        ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^

        Oh nvm lol i''ll say in discord why xD

    9. Happy birthday Carl!
      Wishing late lol

      1. Katana


        yep its late , thanks anyway mate

    10. Why did you copied StrixxGaming's name?

      1. BeSi
      2. BeSi


        Oh no

        i can't change name i will wait 14 days period


      3. BeSi


        oh well i will borrow this name anyway

    11. Happy birthday bro!  🎂

    12. Man come back.. :/ 

    13. Hi 

      Do you want to watch any cartoon with me? 😂

      1. Show previous comments  1 more
      2. Fred Jones

        Fred Jones

        NO NEVER!!!


      3. Motasem Sahle
      4. Fred Jones

        Fred Jones

        No dafuk never lol

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