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  1. you arent really back. You just jump from one clan to another.
  2. As one of the founders | Owners of VisaStress, I am introducing you to our stressing service. We are increasing the power on the daily and our prices are awfully cheap. We offer you both Layer 7 and Layer 4 attack options from various methods such as UDP, PSH, DNS, OVH, SYN and PLAIN. As of our Layer 7, we currently just have a CloudFlare Bypass but I will be updating it soon adding three more methods to it such as HTTP GET, HEAD and POST. Our Botnet is a mirai variant of the HITO 2 Source for those who are interested. However do you have an issue and you are on the road all the time? We have our CNC on our discord so that way you can send attacks without the use of accessing our botnet. My Discord: https://discord.gg/z4ZvfCQ Monti#3216 Plans go as follows: 1 MONTH | $10 Limted 10 Slots Only 3 MONTHS | $20 Limted 5 Slots Only LIFETIME | $100 Limted 5 Slots Only RESELLER | $150 Limted 1 Slot Only PayPal F&F Or BTC
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    "I got the gun to my head.Soaked in that bloody red.I'm coming out of my body.I can't let go of the shotty.$carecrow the fucking almighty.Smoking on pages of bible.Lurking whenever the night come.Only a few I respect"



    1. Noria


      Very good.

      Life really is crazy..................

    2. Wassim Gamer
  4. The end of windows 7 has actually resulted to a 0day.exploit for Windows 10. Microsoft suggests that you restrict access to the JScript.dll by entering these commands to your Administrative Command Prompt: 32bit takeown /f %windir%\system32\jscript.dll cacls %windir%\system32\jscript.dll /E /P everyone:N 64bit takeown /f %windir%\syswow64\jscript.dll cacls %windir%\syswow64\jscript.dll /E /P everyone:N takeown /f %windir%\system32\jscript.dll cacls %windir%\system32\jscript.dll /E /P everyone:N https://www.forbes.com/sites/daveywinder/2019/07/12/confirmed-microsoft-windows-zero-day-exploit-used-in-government-espionage-operation/ https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-51106356
  5. So you called him an "admin abuser" for using madness and blind bombs in which zombies can use lol?
  6. We hardly bear a sadness alone, for that there are true friends; even if they don't solve it, they are doing their best to make you happy.


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    2. Gloomy


      hmm.... you're not my bro anymore

      thankiu ghoest 

    3. Ghoest 666

      Ghoest 666

      @ Craig Jones poor love @ Gloomy give co-owner

    4. Noria


      LOL Ghoest 666

  7. We need a sm for jailbreak because the shoot is not active and in Ctf to 

    1. Proskater


      Just FYI, me & @ -L|S- Doubts have been fixing jailbreak bit by bit. It had many bugs before. You can talk to him about it, he's still dealing with it (if i'm correct)

    2. -L|S- SaKRaN~

      -L|S- SaKRaN~

      first of all jailbreak still not fixed it's under the solving , so when they fix jailbreak there will be SM doubt said there's a sm i'll put him when i finish the server"

  8. Congratz! Knew you were the right person for the job :)
  9. He bought VIP for dust server not ZP. I have checked dust, doesnt seme to have /redeem available.
  10. I would like to welcome @ Yair to the Zombie Plague head admin as he will work alone with the @ Head Admin team to manage the server! Congratulations and please give him a warm welcome!
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