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    Your existence is God's failure.
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    Honestly, I like doing nothing.

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  1. shut yo gay ass up, my ghost will lurk behind the shadows of these forums as much as it wants.
  2. Look at the demo. He is innocent. Close the thread until the DR's view it themselves otherwise these two nubs will continue fighting. I would close it but dont have powers atm.
  3. jokes on you, my dick is bigger than your house. Welcome to Lost Souls!
  4. No one rapes websites better than your boy Craig (Calvin <3)37886969_giphy(13).gif.b605a102ffa6424e6dfad6f6e38f7fd8.gif

  5. Be safe, brethren. Lots of love. #PuritansPrevail



    1. AllaN


      lol typical Craig shi

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