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  1. Happy birthday, Adyl.

  2. I will be your reincarnation ... someday? lol

    :3 thx for intenet ....

  3. Craig Jones


    this nigga really be filming demos on his phone just like that. Bet, I will let the Staff/DR decide what to do with this report.
  4. makes sense. @ YoDa waiting for your explanation.
  5. @ YoDa can you please give an explanation to help clarify this situation?
  6. According to what you have said, Yoda has all rights to revive players unless it’s a mode or if there is only one CT alive. You haven’t mentioned any of these so I suppose that Yoda is innocent. Please clarify your report a little more so we have a better understanding of the situation.
  7. No one is going to go to your instagram page, link the demo in proper format or the thread will be trashed.
  8. As you might have noticed, I have updated various aspects of the forums. Two of the major ones being the chatbox emotes and Reaction emojis. You are now able to react to posts with 6 different emojis from Facebook providing a more diverse and liberally expressive forums page rather than the 4 previous reaction emoijis we had. As in the chatbox, I have added almost 100 different emotes and have removed the default chatbox emojis as they are boring as fuck. If you have a desired image to be shared in the chatbox emote centre, reply it below and I will see if they are suitable enough to be added.
  9. well, this seems like it is the end of Craig Jones. Discord Banned. Youtube wiped out. Twitter Locked. Time to go back to living my life as the 17 yr old  I am.  It was fun to be known as the most obnoxious salty cyber terrorist in the counter strike community.  Till next time!

    if there is a next time?41870623_737594663274341_499418959141593296_n.thumb.jpg.9d167e892105f5794793a644eda45f07.jpg

    1. Craig Jones

      Craig Jones

      lmao sike bitch am back

  10. You fags are all welcome to join my server. Me and my team post hacked accounts, scripts, doxxes, identity fraud, services, etc. You niggas will get free netflix, spotify, origin, steam, etc. Anything you fags name it. ------------------> https://discord.gg/VReYeyB <--------------------- -------------> https://discord.gg/VReYeyB <---------------------
  11. this nigga always has some sort of problem. Someone help the poor lad out lmao
  12. Will be missed. 


  13. THOTNET クレイグ・ジョーンズ クレイグ・ジョーンズ Download is in the description, enjoy nubs ❤️
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