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Suggestion For ZP


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I have a suggestion today about having the most score/frags in Zombie Plague


Right now there is little to no benefit to having the most score in ZP

I was thinking when someone has the most score in the map on the last round they could be given a menu where they can choose a mod (Nemesis,Survivor,Nightcrawler,etc)

This would help the following:

* Zombies more likely to try/Infect humans.

* Humans more likely to spend points leading to better business within the community.

* Humans are more likely to sb/golden ak


Lets be real here, Zombies rarely try unless an admin is spamming chat forcing them to try. I think this would help with that

Personally, I think mods are fun and without an admin in the server there is little to no chance of there being a mod.


I think this would encourage people to spend money in the shop on points because they know they are getting rewarded with a mod at the end of the map.


Im open to all opinions and feedback so post your reply!!



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If I'm not mistaken, DsK had this mode where the first would receive free nemesis in the last round. I do not play every day on ZM server, but I believe that this could cause humans to spend more money on items, and could have an opposite result to what is expected: Zombies even less encouraged to make their goal.



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Ok Dude your Idea Dont is Bad , but i think we need a Plugin for That , but the Staff of Zombie Plague section need see this , you are right in the Zombies never NEVER or Rare times Try without a Admin conected , well for me i really like your idea.










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Absolutely this. sG for example does this. Top frag gets nemesis/survivor at the end of the map. Honestly I might just start doing that, near the end of the map I'll do votes for Mode and just make top fragger Neme or Survivor.

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