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  1. He is allowed to make himself nemesis with a vote and other players agree. Also, stop making necessary admin abuse reports. Read the fucking rules. If this happens again you will be punished. Denied. Closed/Moved
  2. Trashed. Use correct format please.
  3. @ Tony Montana Removed. @ mrSuzTrial Admin. Updated.
  4. I agree with this actually, it gets really annoying during a mode when someone spams this. Also it is really annoying when a couple of SM and Co-Owners are in the server because they have unlimited ammo packs and just spam blind bomb. -I will talk with @ AirStriker about this and see what he thinks. -On Hold.....
  5. *Moved to correct sub-thread.
  6. *Moved to correct sub-thread.
  7. @ nod Provide demo please. On Hold....
  8. Trashed. Post thread in the correct section.
  9. Don’t know what this is related to. Trashed.
  10. Warned. No explanation needed. Admin is clearly abusing their powers and will now face punishments. Check the ZP Server Admin rules here Closed/Moved
  11. The difference between the admin is more access to the amxmodmenu. As for VIP, extra sandbags, unlimited clip, and discounted weapons. Hope this helped 🙂
  12. Yessss I love these classic maps! really brings back the memories. Also try to find the file zm_osprey_escape @ General Staff @ Staff Need your opinion on this.
  13. With DD2 being a classic dust server I don't think this will really fit in to the play style that everyone enjoys.... but it cant hurt to try something new! I cant make a decision because I am Server Manager of Zombie Plague but I really like your idea!!
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