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  1. With DD2 being a classic dust server I don't think this will really fit in to the play style that everyone enjoys.... but it cant hurt to try something new! I cant make a decision because I am Server Manager of Zombie Plague but I really like your idea!!
  2. @Camaro. You are one of the best server admins we have here at this community. You do your job better than most veterans and it will be a loss for this community if u were demoted/resigned so please have some patience, we are working things out with the management team to get things straight. We all respect what you do for the server and we don't want to lose such a good admin. As for @Ryu.amx_gag is a command to not be used no matter what the player says, regardless of rank. ANY racism/disrespect is to be dealt with amxbanmenu. Also I have seen you disrespecting players and treating them unfairly when it comes to deciding punishments. Just because you are boosting staff doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want, we all need to follow rules here and if you don't you will be warned/demoted. I will leave it up to the staff in charge @Nightbot.to make a final decision to what will be done here.
  3. @SookMiniLux Upload demo.
  4. @Tadd!! welcome back bro.
  5. Spawn

    /Skin Menu for ZP

    Hello, I suggest a /skin menu for zombie plague. This is a menu for VIP/Donator to access to change player skin model in-game. Some of the skins include: 1. https://gamebanana.com/skins/122981 2. https://gamebanana.com/skins/150020 3. https://gamebanana.com/skins/138701 4. https://gamebanana.com/skins/170567 5. https://gamebanana.com/skins/123191 Post opinions below!
  6. Happy Birthday man!!

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    2. Kraken


      Thanks 😊

    3. [L|S]King Maroc Moh3#!}

      [L|S]King Maroc Moh3#!}

      Happy birhday Enjoy its your Day ❤️ Bro

    4. Kraken


      Thank you 😄

  7. Try put this in console gl_vsync 1 fps_override 1 developer 1 fps_max 999
  8. I say give him trial of 14 days.... Staff will give you a test to see if you will become an administrator.
  9. Please provide any sort of proof saying you had around 3700 ammo packs to see what can be done.
  10. Spawn

    S (Speedhacking)

    Demo is Dirty BANNED Closed/Moved
  11. Spawn

    Report Dony

    Report Accepted. It was clear the admin was not following the rules. He was also completely oblivious to what was happening in that situation.
  12. Spawn


    I remember him lol. He was annoying to deal with 🤬. Anyways welcome back man! 🙂
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