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  1. Tadd

    Thunder Awp

    @AirStriker @Nightbot. Thoughts? Lord even added the code. After you guys removed shark and phoenix guns, it'd be cool to have this to at least bring back another new item.
  2. Tadd

    Thunder Awp

    Made this suggestion months ago, but nothing was ever done on it, so I'll make it again. Description: In like every ZP server. It's a classic, please bring it here 😧 Skin link: https://gamebanana.com/skins/165211 though you could choose literally any AWP skin. What does it do?: Around 300-400 damage to body (somewhere in there), 1500 damage to the head. Makes a thunder noise and thunder hits the person when headshotted (though honestly you don't need to add that who gives a fuck.) It basically servers as a 2 shot headshot to most zombies, good for points too. Costs somewhere between 20-35 points in most servers.
  3. Hey guys, Some of you may remember me, though I'm sure the majority of you don't know me. School and work got super busy, and I had to put this place in the back of my mind, and unfortunately with that I forgot to tell you guys I was going to be inactive, so apologies for that. My forum account wasn't working at the time and there were mixups with the facebook group, so it was tough for me to communicate with you guys to begin with. So for anyone who doesn't know me, I was admin ever since February, used to be on all the time before I got hit hard by life. I should be on a bit more now though since my work load has settled down, so hopefully I'll be able to get some more time in on here again. See ya around 🙂
  4. Your name: Tadd In-game name: Tadd STEAM/Valve-ID: STEAM_0:0:13989971 Current AP?: 110
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