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JailBreak's Admin Requirements


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Please Note if you fail to meet those requirements, your admin application will be denied.

1- You need to be a Member for at least 7-Days and have a total of 50 hours activity in jailbreak (Gameme stats)
must be active on the server and on forums.
3- Admins
have to report at least 3 rule breakers/hackers/cheaters in Jailbreak.
4- Admins
must be able to Speak/Write fluent English.
5- Admins
must have Clear Microphones.
6- Admins
must play as Guards regularly.
7- Admins
must warn wardens through their Microphones when they're mistaken.
8- Maturity and good behavior is a
it's not a big deal having young admins of 13 and 14 year olds, but it is a deal if they are not mature enough for this role.



This sums up the Requirements for Jailbreak, as well as reading the general Admin Requirements in this thread and this thread as well.





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For Questions/Reports PM me on discord

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