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[ZP] New promotion

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Hello Lost souls Members.

So...Let's get straight to the point.


We have decided to announce a deserve promotion for one of the admins who has shown us excellent work recently.

He never failed to show his hard work, starting from being active on the server, helping new admins, suggesting event ideas to us, doing his best to clean the server from hackers/rule breakers, he showed us great potential in a very short time.

Please welcome @ Zekreuz our new senior admin that will be in zombie plague server.

Congratulations! I expect a lot from you in the future. Do not let me down!


We will never forget anyone, everyone has opportunities for promotion but remember you must show your work and abilities and we will appreciate it.


~LS Management.


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Connect me in discord if you need any help: ouls.



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Well done buddy.

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Feel free to ask me anything you need on my DISCORD - bogotvorec1


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boi congratz if it werent for me u havent got senior now so congrats brotha goodluck keep the hardwork 

                                                 IF U NEED HELP CONTACT/MESSAGE ME ON FORUM/DISCORD vortex.66

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Congrats bro! 

                                                                                                 | Discord - 1hanzo0 |


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