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Lost Souls Festival 2024

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Dear Lost-Souls Family,

I am delighted to announce an event that marks a pivotal moment throughout the history of Lost Souls Clan, our cherished gaming community. It is with a great pleasure that i unveil the Lost Souls Festival 2024, one of the biggest event throughout the history of Lost Souls Community.

Our community renowned for its dedication to the pursuit of gaming experience and competition within the community. 

Lost Souls Festival 2024 promises to be an extraordinary and exciting event, as it will be held in two of our server which is Zombie Plague and Zombie Escape. 

However, what truly sets this event apart is the monumental prize awaiting those bold enough to win the competition. In recognition of the dedication demonstrated by those winners, we are thrilled to announce that these are the rewards that awaiting them :

1st Place : 90 days VIP + 50k Ammopacks + Exclusive Tag
2nd Place : 60 days VIP + 35k Ammopacks + Exclusive Tag
3rd Place : 30 days VIP + 20k Ammopacks + Exclusive Tag

How will this event be held?

It is a very simple and straightforward yet competitive event, THIS event will be held from 1st June 2024 till 30th June 2024, On the last day of May, points will be reset for each server, ( you may refer to this link to check your stats Zombie Escape Stats and Zombie Plague Stats ) , and every players may start accumulating their points starting from 1st June 2024. Very simple right? 

Note : Every players are restricted by the respective server rules and general rules, any act of FARMING or TEAMING is not allowed and punishable. There is no restrictions for the participants.

Pursue your dreams, and catch up the challenge !

Lost Souls Management

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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
Mojiey #6612


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para win

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Need help?
Feel free to contact me through Discord: 


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Thank god it's the next month bc i have exams in the last week of this month

                                                                                                 | Discord - 1hanzo0 |


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22 minutes ago, Nader said:

Nah i would win


CS-Spielerin, Studentin und Sprachbegeisterte

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Posted (edited)

wow this is going to be fun

i will win anyway

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                                                                                                                         Need  Help contact me



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