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lost my ammo packs for nothing !!


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hi everyone .

today morning i was playing in the server and my ammo packs was like 3700 and every thing is good .

BUT !!! in the night ; when I joined the server again ; I was surprised by my ammo packs is 0 .

I don't know why  and I wish retrieval my ammo packs as soon as possible because that's not easy to collect them again . 


name in the game :   GradeL

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11 hours ago, Spawn said:

Please provide any sort of proof saying you had around 3700 ammo packs to see what can be done.


I did not think one day I will lose my ap . BUT I swear it was around 3700 ; one of my properties : not lying , and all my friends and familly know that . so truce me bro I'm not a LIAR !!!!!

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