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Coder Requirements & Expectations


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The requirements for seeking a position on coder are as follows:



You must be a coder willing to cooperate with any server that is online.

You must be over 16 years old, on the contrary the application will not be allowed.

You should try to correct any errors or bugs as soon as possible.

You must write and speak English fluently.

You must have a sense of belonging, knowing that the stability of the servers will depend on your performance as coder.

Steam Account is required, as there may be urgent situations in which we may need to contact you urgently and it sure isn't going to be happening through the shoutbox or private message.

Coder, must have high or advanced experience in programming or amx.

You must be a worthy person, since this position carries a great responsibility.

You must be a mature person, who can exercise decisions by itself when solving a bug, error or issue.

Last but not least, you must be loyal to Lost Souls community.

You must not delete questions from your application.

You must post your application only in Coder Application section not in the subforums.


The expectations for coder are the following:



Responsible for managing the programming on the servers

Recommends ways to promote efficiency of the member's server.

Be attentive to any issue, and if necessary resolve it as soon as possible.

Advise us how to improve the stability of the servers or any security for them.

If you have something in mind that improves with servers, such as; (A new script, a plugin) that helps our community, communicate it.

Propose changes and innovations to servers.

Homework; As mentioned before, your duty is innovation and everything that has to do with the programming of the servers.




Coder Management.

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