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  1. Read my reply above yours, if they are speedhacking then the server will punish them automatically, no need to do anything else.
  2. I guess I had to say this beforehand, some with very high ping may trigger the speed notification but the punishment won't be applied to them, when u see it doesn't say so then no need to check him out or anything. Trashed & Closed.
  3. I'm pleased to announce that one of our Demo Reviewers, @MoChakis has been promoted to Server Manager of ZP (and will keep his DR Position), he's also been doing a very good job as a Head Admin, and we expect him to continue doing so in his new position, he will be taking special care of the Admin Applications for Zombie Plague and the activity of the admins, making sure they punish accordingly while taking proof of the players wrongdoings, and of course, another of his duties is making sure players are having fun, suggesting what has to be added or changed. Wish him good luck. 😃 I also just promoted myself.
  4. Thanks @Princess99Samantha @ Staff - I've warned him before & actually banned him for a day for abusing just like this, also asked to contact me but he didn't, it is pretty clear he don't care about our rules or the players.
  5. Can be considered as exploits so yeah, admins can warn about this and punish when necessary.
  6. Since I'll be adding skins for Admin (CT & T) and M4A1 & AK47 (for all in this case) in DD2 on request of @mR. aDyL [V_1] then I'm also gonna add this, just to see how it goes and if players like it. :) Suggestion Accepted & Topic Locked.
  7. No one can use commands on others unless there's a REAL reason to, especially when it comes to Admins+. @Ryu. Take proof of what's happening (when it's an admin+), then go ahead and report it to a higher up or rest of the Staff team so they can deal with that and give a punishment.
  8. JiNing

    high hacker bot

    Locked, and won't be trashed so we can always laugh at this failed plot every year.
  9. Unbanned.. @ Staff please take proper care of this thread.
  10. JiNing

    freeze nades

    Using a cooldown could help but the intention would still be bypassed since they can just stay somewhere and start buying them, but it's a good idea we can also go with that along with the limit per round, as for RC, yeah it can be done. Suggestion Accepted & Thread Closed.
  11. Welcome to Lost Souls, hope you enjoy our servers and forum 😃
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