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Fr0sT's Coder Application


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Name: Lazar

 Age: 17

Work: None

In-game Name: Fr0sT^

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:2155988

Country: Serbia

Timezone: GMT+2

Do you have any past experience as a Coder(You will be tested): Yes.

How many hours can you be online per day: 6,7 hours.

Why are you interested in being Coder: I want to help the community by improving the mods, adding new stuff so the players find it more entertaining to play, to improve the servers etc...

How will you improve the servers: By consulting with the community members(and staff team) what should be added into out servers so we keep being the best, balancing the stuff and replacing unnecessary things and plugins.

You are able to program the servers (solve bugs, errors, hackers or issues): Of course.

What are your intentions as Coder: My intentions is to help the community by fixing bugs, fixing errors , adding new things, updating the servers.

Why do you think you are a candidate for this position: I'm willing to do my best for the community and i'm aware that this position carries big resposibility and that i'll fulfill my job as a coder in the best way possible.

Explain the role and responsibilities of a Coder: As a coder you should be able to indetify errors and bugs in the code and fix them.

What are the characteristics of a Coder: To be trustworthy, mature and honest.

For how long have you been coding: 3 years.

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  • R&D

@Fr0sTi have now reached a conclusion that i will be instead giving you what to do to ensure that its not mostly about plugins relating to extra items, models, sounds, but rather problem solving, efficiency, and how you organize your variables. with that being said this is the plugin you will be trying to do:

Problem: Say you want to categorize which players are alive from the two teams (ct and t) and show them in the hud (any positions) on the two teams in that round, now if a player kills that said player who is alive then he will be removed from that list of the hud on the team. it is up to you how you will do this to the best of your abilities.

psuedo code:

- show hud with two teams showing which players are alive from those teams in that current round
- if a player who was alive then was killed by someone in the opposite team then he will be removed from that list
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#include <amxmodx>

new g_iHudSync_CT, g_iHudSync_TT;
public plugin_init()
	register_plugin("[LS] Alive Players", "1.0", "Fr0sT")

	g_iHudSync_CT = CreateHudSyncObj();
	g_iHudSync_TT = CreateHudSyncObj();

	set_task(1.0, "CTask_ShowHud", _, _, _, "b");

public CTask_ShowHud()
	set_hudmessage(0, 170, 255, 0.15, 0.0, 0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.1);
	ShowSyncHudMsg(0, g_iHudSync_CT, "CT: ^n%s", UTIL_GetPlayerNames("CT"));

	set_hudmessage(255, 42, 42, 0.45, 0.0, 0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.1);
	ShowSyncHudMsg(0, g_iHudSync_TT, "TT: ^n%s", UTIL_GetPlayerNames("TERRORIST"));

stock UTIL_GetPlayerNames(const szTeam[])
	new iPlayer, iClients[32], iLen, iNum;
	new szNames[512], szName[32];

	get_players(iClients, iNum, "aeh", szTeam);

	for(new i = 0; i < iNum; i++)
		iPlayer = iClients[i];

		get_user_name(iPlayer, szName, charsmax(szName));

		iLen += formatex(szNames[iLen], charsmax(szNames) - iLen, "%s^n", szName);
	return szNames;


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