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[Jailbreak] Suggestion Megathread

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Hey fellas, hope everyone is doing great!

This topic is dedicated to suggestions for the Jailbreak server, as you guys can probably guess by the title.

We want to hear from all Jailbreak players, be it greenhorns or regulars! If anyone has any kind of suggestions, send them here to be put up for consideration (Old suggestions are also taken into consideration, obviously). No suggestion will be regarded as "silly" or "pointless", if there is good intent behind it and a willingness to make the server a better place. Don't be shy!

However, let's keep this megathread civil and a good space, please. Pointless off-topics and/or spam will cause the removal of the reply and will not be taken seriously.


Take it easy and happy jailbreaking!

- .:BlaCK CroCodiLE:.


P.S- If you don't know where to start on how to make a suggestion for the server, feel free to use the suggestion topic I made as a good foundation and a starting point: https://lsgamerz.net/topic/21974-jailbreak-suggestions-from-major-ones-to-qol-improvements-2024-version/

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Join the Jailbreak server to hop on the fun! Everyone is allowed, from greenhorns to "chicken turners"! IP:

Wanna talk about Jailbreak? DMs are open on both here and Discord (Username is Daarst)!


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