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Please welcome our new Senior Admins for ZP who are @ TheCobix  and @ FinZ  they both have worked very hard for this position and stayed active helped clean the server and bring activities in it and hence are being promoted to Senior Admin which is also fully deserving!!.


There will be many more opportunities next time for others too don't get disappointed, work on yourself and keep up the good work!!

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detective conan japan GIF     

A Great Detective.


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when me :C

                                                 IF U NEED HELP CONTACT/MESSAGE ME ON FORUM/DISCORD vortex.66

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Great job! Keep up the good work both of you.

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Feel free to ask me anything you need on my DISCORD - bogotvorec1


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Congrats guys! 

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                                                                                                 | Discord - 1hanzo0 |


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