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JMX's Maps Source Files


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Here is the source files of 14 maps made by me, including unfinished / unreleased ones. Edit at your own convenience.

Map list:

  • cannibal_ls_green
  • cs_railway_new
  • ze_c21_ls_noobz
  • ze_ls_city_escape
  • ze_ls_eldaba
  • ze_ls_migara
  • ze_ls_repartus_v2
  • ze_ls_rivoli_fix
  • ze_storage_ls
  • zm_ls_c21_lite
  • zm_ls_carbon_fix
  • zm_ls_city_defend [ZE Defend]
  • zm_ls_kirak [CSO]
  • zm_ls_train_infection

Have fun!


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CS-Spielerin, Studentin und Sprachbegeisterte

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