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Zombie Plague Update


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    - First and fore most we have added human classes in zombie plague which are given a respective perks like extra damage, recoil control & unlimited clip and weapons.
    Human Class which Unlocks at
    1. Level 5: Deals 5% extra damage on every damage he/she deals
    2. Level 10: Deals 10% extra damage on every damage he/she deals
    3. Level 15: Deals 15% extra damage on every damage he/she deals
    4. Level 20: Infinite Clip
    5. Level 25: 5% Extra Damage | Unlimited Clip
    6. Level 30: 10% Extra Damage | Unlimited Clip
    7. Level 35: 15% Extra Damage | Unlimited Clip
    8. Level 40: No Recoil At Amount: 0.5
    9. Level 45: No Recoil At Amount: 0.5 | Extra Damage 5%
    10. Level 50: No Recoil at Amount: 0.7 | Golden Ak-47 | 10% Extra Damage
    11. Level 60: No Recoil at Amount: 0.5 | Electric M4A1 | 15% Extra Damage
    12. VIP: No Recoil at 0.5 | Electric M4A1 | 15 % Extra Damage | Unlimited CLIP
    This are the new classes which are added to the server for humans Next major change is We have Costumes added in Zombie Plague too. Everyone loves designing their models though you can't see it ur self others can see it so like zombie escape costumes are now available at zombie plague too to access say /costumes. Next major change is we have added crystal and this time it contains evolutions (only for zombies and available at infection/multi mode only).
    After 180 seconds of round after each zombie dies it will drop a crystal which when other zombie claims will receive an evolution what happens here ?
    1. For each crystal you obtain evolution counter increases for you
    2. For each evolution counter increase you will receive more extra hp upon claiming the crystal
    3. Speed , Gravity of zombie increases at significant rate after claiming the crystal. - New SandBag Models - Zombie Models will also be updated today/Tmrw
  2. - New Ambience are added for all modes

    - New Sounds of infection / zombie pain / zombie attack are added

    - OICW Dmg of secondary shot is buffed -

    OICW price decreased to 85 - 25+ Maps are added to the map cycle

    3 more tags maps are added - 28+ Maps which you guys don't like are removed from map cycle

    - Light Control System is Now Changed for 1-2 rounds it will be morning, for 2 rounds it will be after noon for 1 round evening and remaining rounds will be night - Last Human Detector is added now.

    - Admin Models are Disabled.

    - Each Human Classes have their own models. - 1 Seconds Delay have been added before sandbag can be placed - Gamemode vote happens now only after 5 rounds.

    - FPS Limiter is removed from tag mode as it won't make any difference skill issue. - Use Flare Nades At Night Time - Zombies & Human Classes will be saved from now on.

    - Nightcrawler won't be able to buy madness any more.

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" However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at "
- Stephen Hawking

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  • Fire, Frost, Nuke M4A1 will deal certain dmg on their ability.
  • Play for gifts (PFG) price for V.I.P. exchange is lowered now. 1000 Points = 1 Day and so on.
  • For New Players, they will receive a random gun on spawn.

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" However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at "
- Stephen Hawking

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