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New Changes in Zombie Escape


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- Weapons Skins are changed

- We have new human classes with an actual ability
. Speed Class
. Supressor class (Disabled rn work on progress)
. Pauser Class (Stops Zombies for Few Seconds For VIP)

- Other Human Classes are also replaced and for few hm class they can choose multiple guns.

- Human Class Models are removed

- Models Menu is now available in your main menu where you can choose different models

- Costumes Menu is Back - Alice Totem Model is changed.

- Zombie Knockback is decreased.

- Before round start humans will be freezed for 12 sec which was 10 sec before.

- Knockbacks of Nemesis is adjusted

- Increased Nemesis HP & Ratio

- New Extra Items are there for pistol: . Skull - 1 . Janus - 1

- New Extra Items For VIP: . Balrog - 3

- New Models are there in models menu - Stun rifle is back baby.

- Tornado knockback increased.

- Few Costumes are removed

- New Sounds have been added (Really nice)

- The Sounds are mp3 so you can disable it by going into your uption.

New Maps will be added soon waiting for Omar Kosom

- Fog color changed - Rain fx is now added

- For math lovers we got math quiz plugins back which gives you 5 APs per correct answer.

With Zombie Knockback buff I've decided to add global limit to long jump which is 3 / all players meaning if someone buys long jump now 2 will be left to buy Similary, Fire sound of balrog - 11 is now fixed.

- New Players whose level is less than 5 will receive random guns from extra items for free



- Alice Totem alive time is decreased from 12 -> 10 and cooldown time increased from 30 -> 35

- Starting ammopacks for new joined players increased to 500

- Skull - 1 Received buff in its damage

* Balrog - 3 Got Nerf now special bullets can be used for a certain limit only *

* With that Balrog - 3 can now be bought by everyone from VIP *

* Stun rifle Damage is nerfed and will not act according to fps *

- Zombies Speed are buffed.

* You heard it right. Multijump will be now available 24/7. *

* With Multi-jump being allowed gravity is increased to 700 for knife which used to give gravity *

* VIPs Gravity also increased to 600 * * Bhop, Strafe, Waterstrafe is now allowed *

* Balrog - 11 is now available in Supply Box * * Added supply box in other maps *

* FPS DROP Due to player models won't exists any more (I mean will be less)*

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