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[ZE] EVENT!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

-L|S- Dream

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Hello everyone! TIME FOR AN EVENT IN ZE ,


We are gonna play 3 maps




Pointing table :

Most damage : 3 points

if damage is more than 60k than you will get 5 points.

Most Infections : 3 points

if the amount of infected is more than 5 than you will get 4 points.

Top scorer : 5 points 


 Rewards For Top 3:

Top 1 :

30 days VIP + 1000 aps

Top 2 :

10k xp or 5kaps

Top 3 :

7kxp or 3kaps

.             Rules:

Breaking server rules will disqualify u immediately.

VIPs Can't win.Unless their VIP is less than 7 days.

Stun gun is not allowed.

VIPs cant get top scorer points.

With all this aside,this is just a small and fun event, but the stakes are big!!

The Event will be held on 13th October on 3pmGMT.

And thank you ma bro @ Elevenn This event woudnt have been possible without your contribution <3.

@ Member @ZE TEAM @ Registered User

~Regards , ZE management.





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I could never win an event but these are always interesting so, looking forward to it!

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Need help?
Feel free to contact me through Discord: 


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@ Registered User @ Member @ZE TEAM This event will take place on Tuesday,at 17:30 PM [GMT+1] Sorry for delay <3

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