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-Guys today I come with a new chellenge for you throughout This week I am going to upload a dayle challenge that you muust meet, the dynamic is simple.
Example:   today you will have to upload a photo where you are the best defender  in a round of the map "jurrasicpark4"  if you are the first to upload the photo/video you will have 2k aps and you will add 3 points, the second will add 2 points and the third 1 point at the end of the week I will count everyones points and the one who gest the most points you will get VIP for 30 days, the second will get 10kap/5kexp and the third will get 5k aps.
Warning: If you are caught cheating to meet the challenge you will be disqualified and banned for a week.
Now I know that everyone will tell me "but how do I play the event map" its easy you can nom a map by typing " nom ze and nom cs

_I want to remind you that once I publish the next challenge, the previous one is  automatically closed
-I want to make it clear that if you meet the challenge but do not upload the photo in this topic, it will no be valid.
- This event is a new and I hope you like this method and so everyone has a chance to win.
-Pay attention on monday the first of may I will upload the first challenge in this same topic.
-If for some reason  there is a tie in the points of some players at the end of the week we will play a map to define the winner
-If you dont understand something dont hesitate to ask me on discord Nuage#2727
-Important VIPS can participate but they will only get reward aps/exp and the positions remain for a normal players

I want to thank my friend @ akPXJRg.gifjink07  in advance for approving this and for his great support








I hope you have fun doing this and thanks for playing on LOST SOULS.


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