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Suggestions for the CSGO zombie escape server.

Valk Texas

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Hello everyone, I have some suggestions for the CSGO server that I would like to share with you. I hope you find them useful and enjoyable.

To begin, i'd like to address the issue of ammunition. During my time playing on the server, I noticed that it's possible for your ammo to run out, which isn't very conducive to a zombie escape server. To make the experience more enjoyable, I suggest adding unlimited ammo.

I also happened to notice that there's a store on the server, which I think is awesome. The fact that players can customiez their skins with accessories/traces/pets is really cool. However, I believe it would be even better if the server offered new skin and knife models. This would not only improve the game aesthetic attractiveness, but i'm sure it would also be a hit with the players.





















Some of these models could be offered as a vip perk, while others could be sold in the store so that players have to grind points to purchase the skins. This would not only add an element of exclusivity to the game but would also motivate players to keep playing and grind points.

Furthermore, I see that the server could use more maps, so I have some suggestions that could potentially added. Here are a few maps that I believe would be a great addition to the server.


https://gamebanana.com/mods/79606 ( I've played countless times on this map and never get bored of it. It's so legendary that the funny looks and boss fight make it incredibly enjoyable. In my opinion, this map would be a good alternative to the server. I'm certain that the players would love it.)


Alien shooter2 Revisited [CSGO PORT] [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [Mods] (gamebanana.com)




https://gamebanana.com/mods/79782 (One of the best maps to ever exist)








I would also like to see a leveling system that allows players to view their statistics and compare themselves to others on the server. I came across a plugin online that I believe could ebe used.


Additionally, I discovered a plugin that grants the ability for admins to appoint a leader to guide the players through the map or allow players to democratically vote their own leader. This feature could prove to be incredibly useful, particularly for the player who assumes the role of leading the map. By doing so, he receives special perks and benefits that would aid him in his leadership duties.


Furthermore, I stumbled upon another plugin that may be of value to our server. This particular plugin adds a hitmarker effect whenever a players successfully lands a hit on a zombie or a boss. This feature could improve the overall gameplay experience for our community and make it more satisfying for players to land hits on zombies/bosses.


From what I've seen on the server, it appears that there are no classes beyond the default options. In my opinion, it would be advantageous to introduce additional classes that offer unique advantages, such as increased speed or gravity. This would diversify gameplay and allow players to experiment with different playstyles, making this overall experience engaging and enjoyable.

I have witnessed that the map music is excessively loud, to the point where it can drown out player communication entirely. Fortunately, there's a plugin available that enables users to adjust the map's audio volume,which would be very useful in addressing this issue. By adding this feature, players could fine tune their audo settings and personalize their gameplay experience.


Furthermore, I have found several ZE plugins that could prove useful to the server. I will provide the link to these plugins for you to persure and evaluate their potential benefits.


These are simply suggestions that I believe could enhance the overall gameplay experience for the community, and I hope that you will consider them to be added. Thank you for taking time to read my recommendations, and I look forward to seeing the positive changes that they could bring to the server.

@ WolfBeard @ Vo1D  @ pgO9MHq.gifColorSettings


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You can ask me anything!





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  • Sovereign Sentinels

I would like to commend on how dedicated @ Valk  in this server. It shows that he is really knowledgeable in CSGO Zombie Escape mod from his experience playing in different servers. 


My Opinion follows:

1) Unlimited Clip plugin are on the way and will be stored/tested into the server in the following days. 

2)  It's better to have a customized Ammo for each gun. (e.g. M4A1-S default ammo is 25, We can edit it to have 45 instead of 25)

For the Skins

1) Since, CS:GO doesn't have a precache limit of 512 like CS 1.6, we can add countless models in the server. @ Valk Well done on finding these skins.

2) All models will be added and can be used by everyone except the following:

- Yorha2B
- Vector
- Gaara
- Jill Valentine
- UMP45 - FUKU
- Nano Girl Sniper
- Velvet Crowe
- Tifa
- Naruto Six Path
- Zero Two (I guess?)

My opinion is to add those models for VIPs or Can be bought by VIPs only. But, since we want them to grind their time to spend in our servers, even though VIPs can only purchase them, they cannot try these models all at once. It ,eams they still need to purchase them using the credits they have gathered in playing. 

Also, we can add UmbrellaForce2 as a default model for Admins. Since our ZP is one of the Nostalgic servers existed around cs 1.6 communities, we can still add it as a default admin model to let them feel that we are from a CS 1.6 community. 

To add, we can put Storm Trooper as our default human skin? well, I don't know. Just an opinion of mine. Let me know your opinions regarding this.


For the maps:

1) Man, ze_best_korea is played by most communities and the good thing is that, it never gets old! I do agree with you on this.

2)  Otaku Room can be Leaded by @ pgO9MHq.gifColorSettings , Atix panic can be leaded by everyone lol (This map is in Mid Tier), Inbox Final can be leaded by everyone also since it is one of the classic maps way back from CSS era. 

3) Here's the deal. Make sure that all of your suggested maps are the ones you can handle/lead.... Just kidding lol. We have plenty of time in studying the map. But its your primary duty to test/examine the maps xd. 


For the plugins:

1) 1st plugin is cool and will be added. The plugin is located in most servers and it's basically a plugin that tracks a player stats. 

2)  Vote Leader will be added also as it will be the most crucial plugin every map. 

3) Hit makers are useful too. It will be added

4) Ah yes, that !music command. Its very useful to the maps that has loud music volumes during gameplay. 

5) Last plugin compilation was the one @ Vo1D considering the most valid of them all. It offers core plugins that are needed for Zombie Reloaded. 


Well done @ Valk ! Thanks for these suggestions. 

@ Vo1D @ pgO9MHq.gifColorSettings  @ InFiNiTyy Let me know your opinions bros. 

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image (2).png
image (3).png

PIC           Mod_428027_large.jpg


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I agree 100% this will improve players gameplay and will motivate  players  to grind even more but i think we should add a special grenade that like freeze zombies that can be bought whith points this can help players when they are a few left alive to defend  big waves of zombies ty for ur time

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All of Sugesstion Provided Below are really awsome and will make us unique from other same type of communities running will give us a better advantage in competition i have really seen these plugins would be perfact for our community Good Job! :)


If u want help pm me at SON1K#8746




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There's also another plugin that could be useful to the server, which allows you to hide player models when they come within a certain proximity in front of you. This means that if a player moves close to you, their player model will disappear from view which allows you to see through without the models blocking your view.


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You can ask me anything!





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