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Hi hi. 

We have been encouraged recently with the uptick in activity at our Jailbreak (JB) server. We would like to continue the momentum. We are calling on all folks who know how to warden *well* and will offer a cash incentive. 

All qualified wardens (see more on that below) who wardens for JB for more than 40 hours a month, will be sent $50 in cash, net of any transfer fees. You are essentially making money by playing =) All wardens who are interested to be a qualified warden must first speak with @ Natsheh  and approved. All existing wardens who we know are good wardens will easily qualify. We will be tracking through gametracker on # of hours played. @ Natsheh  is also developing a tool to track "good" wardens but I'm a believer that if you are bad, we will eventually hear about it. 

I'd like to try this out for a month or two to see how it shakes out. Like our many awesome servers at ZE and ZP, JB is a fantastic server that can be lots of fun. 

Let staff+ know with any questions. All of our staff, admins, etc. should come check out JB if you haven't already. 

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