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New ZP Server??


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Hello Staff of LS!

Just wanna say that thank you for keeping this server up and running, brings back old memories when I was a kid playing cs zombie mods.

I have an idea on a new ZP Server that could possibly make just as much money as the current ZP server;  It does include Ammopacks but for every 500 AP you have, you can convert it into 1 SAP (SAP = Special Ammo Pack).  For however much SAP you have, you could buy good guns on the SAP Buy Menu.  It'll include items such as "Dynamic Deagle" "Rocket Launcher" and so on.  I have played this server long ago and it was very populated when CS 1.6 was still active.  I don't remember much of the items that were on the Special Ammo Pack buy menu but we could possibly add our own into the menus.

Please give it some thought, I could also help run/pay for some expenses depending on the costs.


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