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Assassin... ideas from zp

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New game mode

I come to bring you a new idea for the server Zombie Plague, which consists of the following ... as you have seen the idea would be to add a new game mode that in this case would be called assasin... would consist in a player against several zombies, the player would carry as a single weapon a magnum 44, weapon with which will be the protagonist of the mode,may shooting in what if the assassin hits him in the head kills him instantly, I would also like to emphasize that he has his counters that only kills instantly if he hits him in the head part, another place would damage the zombie / player, the damages have to be moderate therefore I would say that it removes between 65-80 per shot to the body. Life would be as if it were a last survivor but subtract a small percentage, in any case would be 250 assassin's life.. There is also a benefit for the opposing team or team of zombies ... 1 of the benefits is to be able to use as much as the Zombie madness and the blind nade. But it does not end there but another benefit would be in this way only if it is accepted is to increase the use that can be given for example, normally the madness can be used in normal game 2 times, in this case it can be used 3 and the pumps also usually can be used 2 times and in this mode just like the madness can use 3 ... I hope you like this idea and if you have any opinion or change for this mode feel free to comment, from now thank you very much Nightbot


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