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New ZP Admin !


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 i Hola Folks ! ¿ Como estas miamorzz ? 

Today, I am announcing the joining of a new person to the admon aboozers team of Zombie Plague, @Wicked !

I'm doubtless about the fact that, this guy is going to give his best to ZP as he is an experienced counter strike player and an old friend of Lost Souls and Lost Souls members.

@Wicked please head towards the admin rules section and check it real quick !

Congratulations again and welcome to the team !

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Hello everyone, I want to preface this by thanking everyone in the community for welcoming me with such open arms. I've been playing with many of you for so long,

that I already feel like a part of the team. I'm really looking forward to meeting more of you and becoming more involved in the community. I once again want to thank 

you all for trusting me with such privilege, I will try my very best not to disappoint any of you. <33



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