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Hi Lost Souls Member,

It hasn't been a while from our previous promotion but today I have decided to bring another promotion.

As we all know @Natshehhas been working on his own for a while on the Jailbreak server and has done such an amazing stuff to the server all alone with his Server Manager rank. But it has been time to appreciate all his hard work on the server and taking care of every situation related to JB server, so I have decided to promote him to Staff. @Natshehthanks again for making JB server totally amazing and i cant wait to see new stuff on the server from you.

Congratulation on the new rank!!

P.S. @EleNa you are such a bae, btw thanks for the support on this :)

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The real warden of the jail. Well deserved. Goodluck further and thanks for your hard work.

Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present."




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Thanks everyone for your support, i won't be able to do that all alone without of those wonderful players.


I would like to be thankful for 

Qari(RS60), Zeppelin, Nuzzles, JA and many more...

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  • Sovereign Sentinels

Special thanks to myself for continuing to support such a grumpy server manager :D 

Congrats @Natsheh. Truly well deserved. Your ongoing dedication to improving this server has made it amazing. 

And the rest of the LS Team - staff, owners, co-owners, admins, etc. Do visit JB once in a while; you will be amazed by how far its come, the awesome mini games and special days, etc. 

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