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Roles of Ranks


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Admin: LS clan members with permanent admin, and has the ability devote his time and efforts to his server.

  • Safe guards of the server. Which will be looking for the players in the server.
  • As Admin you can ban all cheaters if they are obviously cheating. If you are not sure about a specific player, call for help, or record a demo and report the cheaters on the website. Do not take it upon yourself to make a judgment. The fewer ban appeals, the better for us.
  • Server Admins must listen to their seniors (Server Manager). No exceptions.


Trial Demo Reviewer: A newly recruited Demo Reviewer that they are willing to show their full potential. Trial period with ability to be extended, or promoted to Demo Reviewer depending on their work.

  • As Trial Demo Reviewer, you will be responsible in viewing cheater report and ban appeal demos. You must put your opinion on the report / ban appeal but you are not allowed to close it or decide the fate of it.
  • The last word always goes to Demo Reviewers+, as they have more experience. 
  • TDR's must listen to their seniors (Demo Reviewers+). No exceptions.


Demo Reviewer: A Trial Demo Reviewer that has passed their trial period, and shown good skills in differentiating between legit and cheating players. 

  • As a Demo Reviewer, you are responsible for all reporters and ban appeals. You are able to decide the fate of the report / ban appeal . (Demo Reviewer decisions can be overridden by Staff+).


Donator Server Manager: Since this is a paid position and not earned, there will be few restrictions.

  • In charge of their respective server and in charge of managing the admins in their server and making sure their work is consistent.



  1.  Donator Server Manager do not have access to the GiveAP command.
  2.  Donator Server Manager do not have access to the levels command.
  3.  Donator Server Manager do not have access to manage reports or ban appeals.

NOTE: These restrictions can be lifted over time after the Donator shows that they are capable of handling these tasks and is able to lead without making continuous mistakes.


Server Manager: Has all access that Donator server managers have and don't have.

  1. Access to GiveAP command.
  2.  Access to levels command.
  • Full Server Manager can manage reports, ban appeals and admin abuse if they want, ONLY IF IT CONCERNS THEIR SERVER / ADMIN.
  • Server Manager must listen to their seniors (Staff+). No exceptions.


Staff: The face of the clan, in charge of managing the forum, servers, admins and everything related to it.

  •  Staff: can not manage or decide Demo Reviewer applications.
  •  Staff: only answers to Supervisor+.


Supervisor: In charge of leading the staff team.

  •  No restrictions. Answers only to Co-owners+.  


Co-Owners: Full authority in the clan.


Owners: Full authority in the clan.


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