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ZE Bugs

The Grim Knight

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Lately I've been playing ZE for quite some time of a day,but I just discovered these bugs 15 mins ago.It seemed,according to other players,have been going on for a few hours or so.This is what I have gathered for only 10 mins after playing,maybe other fatalities remain undiscovered but they will be noticed and solved thru time.

1.Freeze time:CTs are no longer held for 10 secs b4 round start,devastating as every map gets 100% winrate for humans.

2.Bomb mode:I can no longer see what mode is on the bombs,like trip laser or impact.This will make ppl find hard to keep track on bomb modes,ending up with wacky situations where u throw for homing and end up being trip.

3.Free chase cam:This is somehow bugged as it always starts in 1st person.In the demo after being vaporized I tried to switch to free chase for a long time but no work(now it can be done but rather time-consuming).After switching from spec to T or CT,it is stuck in 1st,no way to be in other cams.

4./get:Yes it's still here,just with smaller probability on some ppl.

I know we have benn fucked up recently and you are super busy with reviving things back,but these are fatal errors.I will stick to ZE to find more bugs and issue to you ASAP.





cause i'm batman discovered by alltimefallout

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