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New Rank Banners


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Hi guys, i'm back with a new update, this time with new banners for the ranks. They are animated and with different styles. You can see it in your profiles. I hopeyou like it :)


Thanks to @Papifor approving this


Soon i wil update the ranks of  @lfZpEDP.gifDonator @ Designers @ Mapper @Youtuber

01Owner.gif.6e29ae480d667b706ece45e0ae242cf7.gif 02co-owner.gif.ec48232e37e1bd437f9fe88ba22993ac.gif


924965746_04GeneralStaff.gif.315d9bd0a80521f46c2664f54e48b568.gif 05staff.gif.3b686b542de8c928108189a177c0ddc2.gif

505397216_06ServerManager.gif.bfcbe24d44c061244e1d680b376d95c8.gif 07Demorewiewer.gif.8d872bb0e6e791d79517622534eaa56b.gif

08Trialdemo.gif.8585584bf1861d6901ccea7be7d69cfb.gif 279154944_09HeadAdmin.gif.7183ad2240e7ec53c09c9f26d0a1e743.gif

272886066_10ServerAdmin.gif.892346a85db168e1d314318a8afce67e.gif 11trialadmin.gif.02c2aeb404302800ba65a25e33875f8d.gif

12member.gif.7a5f8194266111bcbea41f7c524a252f.gif veteran.gif.928e4e0da06863425b20f15ea1a69e40.gif



@owner-r.gifOwner @coowner.gifCo-Owner @RiD.gifR&D @general-s-unscreen.gifGeneral Staff @stafff.gifStaff @ezgif-com-gif-maker.gifServer Manager @dr-resize.gifDemo Reviewer @Trial Demo Reviewer @HeadA.gifHead Admin @Server-A.gifServer Admin @Trial Admin @ Veteran @ Members.

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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
Mojiey #6612


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