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Zombie Escape (For Newbies)


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Straight to the point! (Green = Important)

1.) In free V.I.P. time you can double jump by pressing "space" 2x | jump > while mid air > jump |

2.) If you are nemesis in nemesis mode you can long jump by pressing "ctrl > w > space" | duck > while moving forward > jump |

3.) If you at least got level 5 (You want to change your Zombie/Human class) press m then press "choose Z/H class > pick 1 (Zombie Class) pick 2 (Human Class) then choose.

4.) This might annoy you sometimes you need to type /get every time so this is the shortcut | m then pick 7 (Personal Inventory) > pick 1 (Free AP/EXP).

5.) Pro Tip (duck = ctrl)

6.) You want to customize you're knife (at least level 5) press m > pick 5 > choose!

7.) To chat press y instead of using ~ then stop and became zm/spec because of it XD

8.) If you lost you're quick buy don't worry press m (m = helpful) pick 1 (Buy Weapons Menu) > Choose! or if you want to buy using AP, press m > pick 2 (Buy Extra Items) there you can buy Premium Guns and Zombie long jump/knock back bomb exchange of ap.

9.) If you need help (You found bug for example) you can just report it to Report Forum.

That's the most basic things you need to know in playing ZE server :)

                                             -SmolGuy :3507_RainbowDancingCockroach:

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