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How to fix unchanged settings bug (CS 1.6)


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I discovered this bug on my friend's computer where any settings that have been made goes back to it's normal setting like example: I changed my name Player to SmolGuy after you click okay/apply it goes back to player which is so annoying so we go to first step: Locate your "Counter Strike 1.6" Folder or just search "cstrike" from your local drive then search for config. Before the next step be very careful of changing text inside and open as notepad second step: All of things inside are settings In-Game and read before changing so for my friend's problem he just wants to change his name, Find | name "Player" | much better to use find button on edit section other examples: |bind "f" "flashlight"| |sensitivity "2"|. Finally last step is just (Optional: refresh/locate cs.exe or hl.exe and open them as Administrator(which is you right click to it and find it/shutdown and open/restart pc and if it still doesn't work you can go to console and type |name <username>| |bind "t" spraylogo/spray| that's it. I hope this helps :)

Wait 1 more thing to share |Low on internet connection or crappy wifi? NP all you have to do to enjoy playing L|S is to open config again and search for cl_cmdrate change it to "75" every time you open cs 1.6 tap ~ and type this (rate 15000 | cl_cmdrate 75 | cl_updaterate 75 | ex_interp 0.05) Have Fun!

                                                         -SmolGuy :5997_party_cat:

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