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Hi Lost-Soul!!

Today after some discussion with the team we decide to do little promotion to some of our well known members.

To start off, I would like to announce @Jinwooin charge of Demo Reviewers Application,  he has done amazing work as DR and STAFF in the couple of weeks. 

Please welcome @Nuageto the Staff Team of ZE, he deserved this due to his hard work and management on our ZE server. In another hand welcome @Donquixote iEulerto the Staff Team of ZP, he been here for a very long time also with his experience and skills he did manage ZP server pretty well but lets not forget the maps he have created for us.

Also please welcome @Amenadielto the Server Manager Team of ZE working, he has been selected due to his unbelievable activities and passion to make ZE server a better place to play.

Also welcome @SaKRaNand @Angelto the Server Manager Team of ZP, they are most active and experienced admins.

Please welcome @doraemonto the Server Manager Team of ZI, a great admin with his skills so he did take really good care of our ZI.

Please welcome @JMXremixas Head Admin of ZE, maybe some of you already know him or have seen the new maps for our server he have made. I want to welcome @Arcangeldas Head Admin of ZE, he is the most active and friendly admin.

Another thing please welcome @zennoofficial back to his Head Admin rank.

Also I like to congrats @kekand @Gmxon their new ranks.

Congratulation to everyone!!

I want to see a great results from this promotions.

Special thanks to our amor @EleNa for killing me to post this :D



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Guest Amenadiel

-I still can't believe what youre saying, all of that came so fast, and as for now, I can promise on thing for you, that I will not make you feel disappointed in me!

-Thank you very much for the help of yours since if I dont met you.. I dont know, I still would be just a useless person. By the other hand, thank you very much for your words bro, and I will show to this community, I can give more!


-Also, congratulations for everyone, who got promoted, all of you did a good job, and let's keep this up together!

-Also, special congratulations for my b0ss @Nuage you are doing really good bro, one of the best staff in LS! <3

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  • R&D

I'm so shocked, I don't know what to say, just thank you, for giving me the opportunity, and for trusting me! The good atmosphere here says a lot about the staff! For my part I thank you all for this beautiful Family! I will work hard, with love like the first day!

a special mention to you @EleNa, Thank you for trusting me from the beginning. You are special and unique for this family ♥ ️

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Zombie Plague CLICK HERE
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@Nuage now you die even more.. JK congrats nob.

@Amenadiel try not add fancy stuff then I have to make threads :P, anyways congrats dude GL <3

You too @Arcangeld, no ban me

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Idk what to say thats rly my best day ever for some reasons and for this reason , i rly appreciate it guys and ty so much for promoting me and special thx to @Papi@EleNa, ty bishes and conz for those who got promoted keep working up and all the best , don’t let us down ?♥️

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what are you doing stepbro?

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Forgot about @JMXremix lagger admin :P, congrats bro

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  • Sovereign Sentinels

Congratulations to the newly promoted members of the community. You were expected to do higher job and responsibilities! Good luck guys! <3
If you have questions about your ranks, just PM me.  

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image (2).png
image (3).png

PIC           Mod_428027_large.jpg


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  • Co-Owner

Congratz guys, looks like i have more teammates now xd, well goodluck working with your new responsibilities and task especially zp team :AwOo:

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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
Mojiey #6612


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