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New Promotion..


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Hello Lost-Souls !
It's been a long time since our last promotion.. Today I'm back with one promotion under supervision of @AirStriker... Let's welcome our friend @zennoofficialto Head Admin of Lost-Souls Zombie Plague..  He is working hard for Lost-Souls helping us out around & is also active in server.. I believe that he have achieved lot of knowledge about being Admin and is with Lost-Souls and working with us since long time.. I believe that you know what will be your responsibility @zennoofficial... You will be guiding new recruits (Trail Admin) as well as (Server Admins) to become more experienced in there adminship &  will be qualified to be our new Head-Admin too..

I hope you will do your job perfectly and will be one of the best Admin of Lost-Souls Clan.

The person who didn't got promotion well I will say nothing about it but.. May be next time you can be one.. So there is no need to be angry in this term and lets welcome @zennoofficial& congratulate him..

- Regards Lost-Souls Management

@Co-Owner @Owner @Staff @General Staff @Head Admin @Server Manager @Server Admin

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" However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at "
- Stephen Hawking

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