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New ZE Server Admin


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Today, A 17 years old gamer from Hungary, is joining the Zombie Escape blue team !


During years of playing counter strike 1.6,  @Amenadiel has gained experiense as " staff, Server manager and server admin " in different communities, now, he is ready to give his best to lost souls.

Welcome Between Us!

@AmenadielI have no doubt that you're going to be one of the exceptional, skillful admins we have in our team, but please, make sure you read all of the LS rules.

For further help, don't hesitate contacting any ZE admin / head admin ,or these bosses :

@AirStriker @jink07 @Wolfbeard san@Nastycamper @Adam@Armando@Ezxchiel@Nuage

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Guest Amenadiel
8 hours ago, jink07 said:

Welcome welcome! 

-Thank you thank you! :D (Dang it, i can't react more then 5 times lmao XD but love love love <3 )

7 hours ago, -L|S-S.W.A.T said:

Welcome Bro i think you will do the same job as in DS,i want to see you in staff team later because you desirve it good luck.

-Thank you very much bro, for your words, i do appreciate them! I will try my best in this community as well, like i did in the previous ones but especially in the DS! ^^ Good luck for you too as well! 



-Thank you everyone for your kind words! I will try my best for this community to help on it as much as i can! ^^ Peace

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