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New Promotions!


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Hello Lost Souls!
It's been a while since our last promotion, guess it's time for another one ?
Well you guessed right.
We come back today with new promotions, new responsibilities, and new jobs for our perfect team.

DD2 has been left out for a while, and according to that, we discussed it among staff and decided to announce the following promotions, believing  we've taken the most suitable and convenient decisions to keep our Community maintained and under control.
Please Welcome @ShiNeb0x to the Staff team of DD2 working along side @Manub

You've managed DD2 for a long time and i believe you've achieved the skills we seek in a Staff. you never stopped planning the best for our Server as well as seeking new recruitments.

Please Welcome @Gamble To the Server Managers Team working under @ShiNeb0x and @Manub Supervision.
This guy is very active and i believe very less of you had the chance of meeting him, due to his hard work in the background of DD2.
As a Head Admin you were your Admins' Guide book, but as a ServerManager you'll be the main source of recruiting new Admins, dealing with DD2 Applications, Suggestions, Complaints and Supporting your server by whatever way possible.
You were chosen for the job by multiple Staff in our previous discussion, they had no doubt in your capability, do not let them down :)

Please Welcome @[J] to the Head Admins team of DD2! Working under @Gamble
As I just mentioned about Gamble, you were chosen by multiple Staff as well.
You'll be DD2 Admins' main Guide book, you'll help them, teach them, warn them and guide them through right and wrong, their mistakes are also your mistakes.
This rank has a huge responsibility and our Staff are confident in your capability, do not let them down :)


Please Welcome @Jinwoo to the Staff team of ZP.
ZP Lacked Staff for a while now and we have no doubt that we've picked the right person for the spot.
I can't describe Jinwoo's efforts with words only, He's served LS for a very long time, i can say nothing but well deserved bro.
You've benefited LS not by your activity alone, but you've benefited LS with your experience, your unique point of views, your DR Skills and your unique common sense of things, you had opened my eyes over lots of things as well.
Well deserved my man :)
P.S : I want you to keep your Demo Reviewing services as well as serving as Staff of LS.

Please Welcome @Proskater to ZP Head Admin Team, you'll be working under ZP's SM's Supervision.
Your duties are well known, as I've explained to Gamble.
You'll take responsibility of guiding new recruits and helping them.
I believe no Trial admin will ever get extended / denied again in ZP :)
Do not let me down bro.

Please Welcome @Gmx To the Head Admins team of ZE.
He's one of the most active and experienced Admins in ZE, adding him to the Head Admins will guarantee having more experienced and worthy admins.
And as I've already mentioned for Proskater and Gamble, I believe you realize your duties and responsibilities, do not let us down bro :)


Congratulations to everyone.
I want results from those promotions, I wanna notice real improvement, good luck to everyone! :)


@jink07@Asterix@Nastycamper@Wolfbeard san@Icey@Vers


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For Questions/Reports PM me on discord

Lost Souls Management.


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  • Co-Owner

Thank you everyone, tbh i didnt contribute anything big to LS unlike you guys, but I really appreciate the trust that were given to me , and I will try my best to fulfill my duty  

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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
Mojiey #6612


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