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Promotions? uhh


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Hello Lost Souls!
Been just a few days since the last promotions Thread, but wait, another one?
More or Less, that describes the endless Efforts this amazing team has been putting into developing LS.
There is tremendous amount of updates coming this Halloween, is that it? nah
EU ZE is officially released and will get boosted very soon.
New skins, new items, new maps, and new Ranks at GameTracker. All that due to this team's Efforts.
We still have long way ahead to hit our prime, we've far more potential than just this, and with you all i'm 100% sure we'll accomplish it.

First off i'd like to Thank @Wolfbeard for his amazing management and work on LS, he brought one of the finest coders in CS to LS ( @Vo1D ) and without the both of you, LS would be in much worse position.
Welcome @Wolfbeard to the Orange team, i can't mention how much he helped in developing LS and keeping it maintained, as well as putting plans and showing us our true potential. I wanted to promote you way before but i didn't have the chance, don't let us down bro, keep up the amazing work! :)
You'll be working along side @Nastycamper , Managing every single thing in LS, XD.

Welcome @Icey to the General Staff team, you'll be working along side @Vers looking after Staff and managing them, as well as other Servers, except for DRs.
Icey is currently managing EU Servers, he has spent lots of time, effort and money on making / boosting them.
Soon he'll announce boosting EU ZE officially.


Welcome @Adam to the Staffs team of ZE, he has been announced already in RedSkull's Thread, but i wanted to mention him again, since he's one of the main cores that manage the Updates upon servers, among Wolf and Void.
All the amazing models, and upcoming Halloween skins are made by him!

Welcome @Natsheh To the Yellow team of JailBreak.
He'll bring huge update upon JB server, as everyone knows, it's buggy, crashy and outdated, but with him, i'm sure it'll hit it's fullest potential.

Welcome @EscorpionTo the HeadAdmins' team of ZE, working along side @OuT under ZE Staff Supervision.
He's been very active, helpful and hard working, especially over ZE's updates.
Keep up the good work bro.

Higher rank comes higher responsibilities, do not let us down! 
We still have lots of promotions to announce, stay tuned, it might be you on the next one ;)






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For Questions/Reports PM me on discord

Lost Souls Management.


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Oooo thanks mate!! :9476_christianbale:

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Congrats guyz, well deserved :SataniaThumbsUp:

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Any inquiries,           
PM me by discord,
Mojiey #6612


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Well deserved. Congrats everyone, thanks on the ZE side to @Wolfbeardand @Vo1Dwho have been working tirelessly on making the updates. Thanks also to @Escorpionwith his strong opinions and assuming everyone plays as well as he does. :D 

You guys are the heart and soul of LS. <3 

I also want to promote @FrozeNbecause he writes the best promotion e-mails, but there is nothing left to promote him to. So no promotion... 

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11 hours ago, Natsheh said:

Thanks really appreciated !

hi natsheh are u the guy from alliedmodders ? i guess ik you... with ur husky pfp :8994_Sad_Cat_shoot:

" However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at "
- Stephen Hawking

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5 hours ago, jink07 said:

Thanks also to @Escorpionwith his strong opinions and assuming everyone plays as well as he does. :D 

I just want  everyone to be pro T_T

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Ey! I wanna thank you all for trusting me in my time here! As I'm always saying, more plans ahead! More opportunities and the more exciting part is I'm going to add more coders in the team! 

First thing first, I wanna thank this dude for accepting my invitation to be part of LS Community! @Vo1D together with my cousin @Ezxchiel

@Icey @Adam@Natsheh@Escorpion 
Congratulations! I'm looking forward to work with you more guys! 

Good luck on your positions! Let's do our best <3



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PIC           Mod_428027_large.jpg


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